Interactive Smart Board Panel

Interactive Smart Board Panel

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● Windwos / Android dual system,Switch anytime
● Built-in integrated design,No visible connection line of internal function modules outside
● Aluminum alloy face frame (good heat dissipation, durable and effective to protect the touch unit), the curved corners are connected with no sharp edges to ensure user safety

  • Optional:
  • Size: 55'' /65'' /70'' /75'' /82'' /85'' /86'' /98'' /100'' /110''
  • Touch: Touch style
  • Installation: Wall mounted and removable stand
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    Basic Introduction

    1. You can use writing, annotation, painting, multimedia entertainment, wireless screen sharing, remote conferences, mobile teaching and computer operations, and they can perform wonderful interactive classrooms directly by turning on the device.

    2.The whole machine is made of 4mm thick tempered glass, which is explosion-proof and scratch-resistant. The screen surface can withstand the impact of a 550g steel ball falling freely at a height of 1.5 meters.

    3.It can ensure sound reinforcement quality by the built-in front-facing 2*15W speakers,the physical function buttons is on the front, which can adjust screen brightness, volume, power on and off, etc., making it more convenient to use.

    4.Play the courseware
    The teaching all-in-one device can play common document formats such as PPT, PDF, word, etc. The teacher can easily explain the courseware made by himself, and using the prepared electronic courseware, the teacher only needs to tap the required teaching content at a glance. You can also freely choose and switch at will. It saves the trouble of writing out the questions and answers one by one with chalk in the past, saves time for teachers and improves teaching efficiency.

    5. Whiteboard software is convenient for teaching
    The teaching all-in-one machine is generally used with professional whiteboard software, which can replace the function of the blackboard. In addition, the whiteboard software has common teaching tools such as geometric figures and measuring rulers. The difference between drawing on the blackboard with chalk in the past is that the teacher can realize the rotation and change of the three-dimensional figure with a single click of the mouse, and the students can see the different perspective effects of the figure from different directions.

    6. Enrich teaching methods and diversity of teaching topics
    It is well known that the all-in-one teaching machine has the function of connecting to the Internet, so that it can make full use of network resources, create a large number of expressions such as pictures, texts, sounds and colors, vividly and interestingly simulate and present real life situations, and communicate with students in life and classrooms. Connect, enrich learning content, and develop students' ability to discover and solve problems. It enhances the vitality of the classroom, stimulates students' interest in learning, allows students to learn more actively, and improves the efficiency of classroom teaching.


    product name Smart board
     Panel Size 55” 65” 70” 75” 82” 858698100110
    Panel Type LCD panel
    Resolution  1920*1080 support 4K resolution
    Brightness 350cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:9
    Backlight LED
    Color Black

    Product Video

    School Interactive Smart Whiteboard1 (7)
    School Interactive Smart Whiteboard1 (5)


    Classroom, Meeting room, Training institution, Showroom.


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