Customize Digital Signage Solutions For Your Customer

As an industry-leading international manufacturer of digital signage, SOSU is a comprehensive manufacturer integrating R&D,

production and sales. We have rich professional knowledge and comprehensive capabilities. In order to meet different customer needs,

we have a professional team of more than ten engineers. The technical team can make all-round adjustments to the product according to

the different needs and applications of the market. SOSU welcomes OEM and ODM orders from all customers.

Customized Appearance

Customize the shell, frame, color, logo printing, size, material according to customer needs

Additional Features

Split screen, time switch, remote play, touch and non-touch

Additional Customized

Digital signage with cameras, printers, POS, QR scanners, card readers, NFC, wheels, stands and more

Personalized System

Customize Android, Windows7/8/10, Linux,even power-on logo



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Consultation Service

During the consultation process, we can better understand your project and introduce the possibilities and functional features of our signage products. We are always working hard with you to create the perfect solution and achieve your program goals.


Technical Design

After consultation, our team will make multiple types of customized solutions according to your different needs, reasonably allocate human resources, and complete them efficiently. We guarantee that the solutions offered are highly matched to the target market and provide feasible options for future market development. We are always ready to work with you, from customized design to final realization.


Backed by high-tech engineering and manufacturing equipment, our experienced R&D team and technicians turn your ideas into reality. With rich skills and experience, no matter what your requirements are, we can make them efficiently. Upon completion, all product will undergo comprehensive quality testing to ensure compliance with industry standards.


Service & Support

SOSU is a global digital signage customization solution provider from China, we are your reliable partner. Our customers targets range from end users to manufacturers and distributors, from small businesses to large corporations. Our product have 1 year warranty, if the product have any problem,we support 24 hours On-line technology service.

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