White smart board for schools or offices

White smart board for schools or offices

Selling Point:

● Wireless project
● Digital writing
● Support dual system(Android and Windows)
● Support 20 point touch at same time

  • Optional:
  • Size: 55'', 65'', 75'',85'', 86'', 98'', 110''
  • Installation: Wall mounted or Movable bracket with wheels Camera,wireless projection software
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    Basic Introduction

    White digital board is a good helper for schools and offices.
    It is environmental and make the class or meeting more vivid .
    As a very convenient electronic device,digital whiteboard is a popular and wide application because of the fashionable appearance,simple operation,powerful function and simple installation


    Product name

    White smart board for schools or offices

    Touch 20 point touch
    Resolution 2K/4K
    System Dual system
    Interface USB,HDMI,VGA,RJ45
    Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Parts Pointer,touch pen

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    White smart board for schools or offices1 (10)

    Product Features

    Now many schools have begun to use the all-in-one teaching conference machine. For example, kindergartens use it to activate the classroom atmosphere, so that children can quickly familiarize themselves with the environment; training schools use it to play the courseware content, making the teaching content more three-dimensional, and the students' enthusiasm for learning be improved; middle schools use it to lighten the burden on students, allowing children to meet the college entrance examination with a relaxed and healthy mind. Since it is so widely used, what are its characteristics?

    1. Multi-touch, easy to operate

    Compared with the traditional teaching projector, the teaching all-in-one machine has stronger operability. People can not only use it as a player to play the prepared teaching video, but also use it as a blackboard for writing and editing. It can be connected to a lot of devices. The operator such as the touchpad or keyboard can use the peripherals in their hands to control it, or they can directly touch the screen. Its infrared touch and capacitive touch expand more use.

    2. Network connection and sharing of information

    The teaching all-in-one computer is another form of computer. When it is connected to WIFI, its content can be expanded infinitely, and the teaching content can be continuously increased. Through its own Bluetooth device, it can also realize information transmission, information sharing and other functions. When it is teaching, students can easily accept the content into their own devices for review after class.

    3. Environmental protection, energy saving, health and safety

    In the past, chalk was used for writing on the blackboard, and the visible dust in the classroom surrounded the teachers and classmates. The integrated teaching machine enables teaching to develop intelligently, and people can break away from the original unhealthy teaching mode and enter a new healthy environment. The all-in-one teaching machine adopts energy-saving backlight design, with low radiation and low power, which is very suitable for school and enterprise applications.

    1. Original track writing
    Digital board can store classroom blackboard writing and display the same content.

    2. Multi-screen interaction
    The content of mobile phone,tablet and computer can be display on the smart whiteboard at the same time by wireless projection.The combination of tradition and science and technology is the real realization of the interactive “teaching and learning”.It provides high quality and high efficiency new teaching mode.

    3. Support dual system and Anti-glare function
    Digital board can support real-time switching between android system and windows system. The dual system make the digital writing easily stored.
    The anti-glare glass can make the students see the content clearly with high definition display and make the modern teaching more intelligent and intelligent.

    4. Satisfy people digital writing at the same time
    Support 10 students even 20 students digital writing at the same time,make the class more interesting and attracting.


    The conference panel is mainly used in corporate meetings, government agencies, meta-training, units, educational institutions, schools, exhibition halls, etc.


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