Digital whiteboard Floor Standing

Digital whiteboard Floor Standing

Selling Point:

● Multi-touch:10 point touch screen
● Backlight:Direct LED backlight
● 4K display

  • Optional:
  • Size: 65/75/85/86/98/100inch
  • Installation: Wall mounted and floor standing
  • Operating system: Android and windows system
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    Basic Introduction

    Digital whiteboard Floor Standing is a new type of intelligent board digital that integrates camera, projector and electronic whiteboard software. With the rapid progress of modern science and technology, modern smart boards are rapidly spreading to the campuses of major schools, improving the quality of teaching and the speed of meetings.


    Product name

    Digital whiteboard Floor Standing

    Brightness (typical with AG glass) 350  cd/m 2
    Contrast ratio (typical) 3000 1
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI and LAN port
    Backlight Direct LED backlight
    Backlight Life 50000 hours

    Product Video

    White smart board for schools or offices1 (2)
    White smart board for schools or offices1 (10)
    White smart board for schools or offices1 (9)

    Product Features

    1. Screen handwriting:
    The touch function of the teaching touch screen all-in-one machine can directly write manually on the screen, and the writing is not restricted by the screen. Not only can you write on a split screen, but you can also write on the same page by dragging, and the writing content can be edited and written at any time. save. You can also arbitrarily zoom in, zoom out, drag or delete, etc.

    2. Electronic whiteboard function:
    Support PPTwordExcel files: PPT, word and Excel files can be imported into the whiteboard software for annotation, and the original handwriting can be saved; it supports editing of text, formulas, graphics, images, table files, etc.

    3. Storage function:
    The storage function is a special function of the multimedia teaching touch all-in-one computer. It can store the content written on the blackboard, such as any text and graphics written on the whiteboard, or any pictures inserted or dragged onto the whiteboard. After storage, it can also be distributed to students in electronic format or printed form for students to review after class or review mid-term, final and even high school entrance examinations.

    4. Edit annotation function:
    In the annotation mode of the whiteboard, teachers can freely control and annotate the original courseware, such as animations and videos. This not only allows teachers to introduce various types of digital resources conveniently and flexibly, but also increases the efficiency of watching videos and animations, and improves the learning efficiency of students.


    The conference panel is mainly used in corporate meetings, government agencies, meta-training, units, educational institutions, schools, exhibition halls, etc.


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