Industrial Touch Panel Pc

Industrial Touch Panel Pc

Selling Point:

● High Performance
● Metal shell, stable structure,good quality
● Durable material

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  • Size: 8.4 inch 10.4inch 12.1inch 13.3inch 15inch 15.6inch 17inch 18.5inch 19inch 21.5inch
  • Touch: touch style
  • Installation: wall mounted deskstop and embedded
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    Basic Introduction

    Sosu industrial Panel Pc is a convenient and new type of human-computer interaction equipment.The industrial computer is a professional computer designed for industrial production control, which is used to monitor and control the machinery and equipment, production process, data parameters, etc. in the industrial production process. Therefore, compared with personal PCs and servers, the working environment of industrial computers is very harsh, and the requirements for data security are very high. In order to make the machine work better, very special treatments such as reinforcement, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-radiation are usually carried out that are different from ordinary computers. At the same time, industrial computers have very high requirements for extended functions, and industrial computers often need to be individually customized to meet the requirements of specific external devices.

    In short, what is an industrial computer? An industrial computer is a special kind of computer, which has some characteristics compared with ordinary personal computers:

    1. In order to make the machine have high anti-magnetic, dust-proof and shock-proof capabilities, the chassis of the industrial computer usually adopts a steel structure.

    2. A common chassis will have a dedicated backplane with PCI and ISA slots on it.

    3. There is a special power supply in the chassis, which must have a very strong anti-interference ability.

    4. It is required to have the ability to work continuously for a long time, possibly for several months and the whole year.

    5.The industrial computer has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, anti-interference, static electricity, good stability and easy maintenance.

    6.Can provide a variety of system options, android windows and linux, xp system, etc., a variety of solutions to provide support for your industrial production


    product name Industrial Panel Pc
     Panel Size 8.4inch 10.4inch 12.1inch 13.3inch 15inch 15.6inch 17inch 18.5inch 19inch 21.5inch
    Panel Type LCD panel
    Resolution 10.4 12.1 15 inch 1024*768 13.3 15.6 21.5 inch 1920*1080 17 19inch 1280*1024 18.5inch 1366*768
    Brightness 350cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:9(4:3)
    Backlight LED
    Color Black

    Product Video

    Industrial Touch Panel Pc (1)
    Industrial Touch Panel Pc (4)
    Industrial Touch Panel Pc (7)

    Product Features

    1. Stable performance: each machine has undergone a number of tests such as whole machine aging, temperature and humidity test, electrostatic test, vibration, high voltage, touch click, display, etc. to ensure stable quality and support 7*24 hours of work

    2. Support customization: provide a variety of customization services, flexibly add multiple serial ports and U ports

    (such as: appearance color, logo, camera, 4G module, card reader, fingerprint recognition, POE power supply, QR code, receipt printer, etc.)


    Production workshop, express cabinet, commercial vending machine, beverage vending machine, ATM machine, VTM machine, automation equipment, CNC operation.

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