Capacitive touch industrial panel PC

Capacitive touch industrial panel PC

Selling Point:

● Industrial IPS lCD with 50K Lifetime LED Backlight
● Support operating temperatures -10~50°C
● 10 Point Capacitive G+G Touch Screen
● IP 65 for the front panel

  • Optional:
  • Size: 10.4'' ,12.1'' ,15'' ,17'' ,19'' for square screen 13.3'' ,15.6'' ,18.5'' ,21.5'' for wide screen
  • Installation: Embedded or wall mounted
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    Basic Introduction

    Industri panel pc is widely used in different application,such as production line,self-service terminal and so realizes the interactive function between people and machine.
    Panel pc has the high performance CPU,various interface to meet different needs such as RJ45,VGA,HDMI,USB and so on.
    Also it can customize the different parts such NFC function,camera function and son on.


    Product name

    Capacitive touch industrial panel PC

    Touch Capacitive touch
    Response time 6ms
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI ,VGA and LAN port
    Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Brightness 300 cd/m2

    Product Video

    Capacitive touch industrial panel PC1 2 (5)
    Capacitive touch industrial panel PC1 2 (9)
    Capacitive touch industrial panel PC1 2 (7)

    Product Features

    In the Internet era, display applications can be seen everywhere. It belongs to the I/O device of the computer, that is, the input and output device. It is a display tool that reflects certain electronic files on the display screen through a specific transmission device to the human eye. For CRT, LCD and other types.

    Taking into account different application requirements and use environments, monitors are constantly being upgraded and changed. The most direct feeling for everyone is that the display accuracy and clarity are gradually improved, and the RGB color gamut is becoming wider and wider. The above are the dominant characteristics of commercial monitors. It is widely used in daily applications. In industrial displays, the factor of application improvement is not as simple as high definition and high pixel, it involves more realistic environment, such as power consumption, current, wide voltage, static electricity, dustproof, waterproof, scratch, water vapor Fog, highlight, contrast, viewing angle, etc., specific environment, specific requirements.

    The industrial touch display is an intelligent interface that connects people and machines through a touch industrial display. It is an intelligent operation display terminal that replaces traditional control buttons and indicator lights. It can be used to set parameters, display data, monitor equipment status, and describe automated control processes in the form of curves/animations. It is more convenient, faster and more expressive, and can be simplified as the control program of PLC. The powerful touch screen creates a friendly human-machine interface. As a special computer peripheral, touch screen is the most simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. It gives multimedia a new look and is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device.

    1. Durability
    With industrial motherboard,so it can be durable and adapt to the anti-interference and bad environment

    2. Good heat dissipation
    The hole design on the back,it can be quickly dissipated so that it can adapt to the high temperature environment.

    3. Good waterproof and dustproof .
    The front industrial IPS panel,it can reach if someone dropped some water on the front panel,it will not damage the panel

    4. Touch sensibility
    It is with multi-point touch,even if touch the screen with glove, it also response quickly like touch mobile phone


    Production workshop, express cabinet, commercial vending machine, beverage vending machine, ATM machine, VTM machine, automation equipment, CNC operation.

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