Panel PC Touch Screen Computers

Panel PC Touch Screen Computers

Selling Point:

● Touch sensitive
● 24 hours online
● Anti-seismic and anti-magnetic

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  • Size: 8.4 inch 10.4inch 12.1inch 13.3inch 15inch 15.6inch 17inch 18.5inch 19inch 21.5inch
  • Touch: Touch style
  • Installation: Wall mounted desk stop and embedded
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    Basic Introduction

    Our industrial panel PC already has good performance and can meet the technical requirements of customer applications in most industrial fields. Industrial tablet panel PC have been widely used in industrial production and all aspects of people's daily life. industrial touch panel PC have also developed rapidly, and are soon applied to all walks of life, and have a more critical position.Industrial panel tablet pc also play a key role in the growing Internet of Things, enabling connections between machines, people, places, things and the cloud.One of the standout features of almost all industrial tablet panel pc is size.Solid-state storage and flexible mounting options also allow industri panel pc to be used in virtually any location or orientation.


    product name

    Panel PC Touch Screen Computers

     Panel Size 8.4inch 10.4inch 12.1inch 13.3inch 15inch 15.6inch 17inch 18.5inch 19inch 21.5inch
    Panel Type LCD panel
    Resolution 10.4 12.1 15 inch 1024*768 13.3 15.6 21.5 inch 1920*1080 17 19inch 1280*1024 18.5inch 1366*768
    Brightness 350cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:9(4:3)
    Backlight LED
    Color Black

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    Panel PC Touch Screen Computers2 (2)
    Panel PC Touch Screen Computers2 (3)
    Panel PC Touch Screen Computers2 (6)

    Product Features

    1.All-aluminum body, one-piece molding, the frame back shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, the structure is more standard, and the whole is tighter
    3.Multi-interface industrial control motherboard, suitable for every industry
    4.Plus Anti-vibration and Anti-interference design
    5.Using high-definition backlight technology, high contrast makes colors warm and full.
    6.The three-proof design of waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof IP65 protection meets the requirements of industrial regulations
    7.In many cases, industrial tablet panel pc, as the name suggests, live inside complex systems, so reliability is very important. Industrial touch panel pc are engineered to provide 24*7 operation.
    8.Industrial panel tablet pc systems use fans to help circulate air over components and keep them cool.


    Production workshop, express cabinet, commercial vending machine, beverage vending machine, ATM machine, VTM machine, automation equipment, CNC operation.

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