Industrial Touch Panel Pc Enclosed Structure

Industrial Touch Panel Pc Enclosed Structure

Selling Point:

● High Performance and Efficiency
● Enclosed structure and front-waterproof
● Aluminum alloy back cover for efficient heat dissipation

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  • Size: 10.4inch 12.1inch 13.3inch 15inch 15.6inch 17inch 18.5inch 19inch 21.5inch
  • Touch: touch style
  • Installation: wall mounted deskstop and embedded
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    Basic Introduction

    Sosu industrial Panel Pc is a convenient and new type of human-computer interaction equipment. The main components are the motherboard, CPU, memory, storage device, etc., of which the CPU is the main heat source of the industrial computer. In order to ensure the normal operation and good heat dissipation of the industrial computer, the fanless industrial computer usually adopts a closed aluminum alloy chassis. It not only solves the problem of heat dissipation of the industrial computer, but the closed chassis can also play the role of dustproof and vibration release, and at the same time, it can protect the internal accessories well.

    Features of fanless IPC:

    1. The aluminum alloy chassis that conforms to the "EIA" standard is adopted to enhance the anti-electromagnetic interference ability.

    2. There is no fan in the chassis, and the passive cooling method greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the system.

    3. Equipped with a highly reliable industrial power supply with overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

    Fourth, with self-diagnosis function.

    4. There is a "watchdog" timer, which automatically resets without human intervention when it crashes due to a fault.

    Six, to facilitate the scheduling and operation of multi-tasking.

    5. The size is compact, the volume is thin and the weight is light, so it can save working space.

    6. various installation methods, such as rail installation, wall-mounted installation and desktop installation.
    Fanless IPCs can be flexibly used in harsh environments such as temperature and use space, including medical, self-service terminals, vehicle-mounted, monitoring and other application markets that require low-power systems.

    7.It combines the advantages of touch, computer, multimedia, audio, network, industrial design, structural innovation, etc.
    10.It can play a key role in industrial production and daily use, and truly achieve simple human-computer interaction.


    product name Industrial Panel Pc
     Panel Size 10.4inch 12.1inch 13.3inch 15inch 15.6inch 17inch 18.5inch 19inch 21.5inch
    Panel Type LCD panel
    Resolution 10.4 12.1 15 inch 1024*768 13.3 15.6 21.5 inch 1920*1080 17 19inch 1280*1024 18.5inch 1366*768
    Brightness 350cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:9(4:3)
    Backlight LED

    Product Video

    Industrial Touch Panel Pc Enclosed Structure1 (1)
    Industrial Touch Panel Pc Enclosed Structure1 (6)
    Industrial Touch Panel Pc Enclosed Structure1 (4)

    Product Features

    1.Strong structure: private mold design, brand new frame process, good sealing, surface IP65 waterproof, flat and thin structure, the thinnest part is only 7mm

    2.Durable material: full metal frame + rear shell, one-piece molding, lighter weight, light and beautiful, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance
    3. Easy installation: support wall/desktop/embedded and other installation methods, plug and play when power on, no need to debug


    Production workshop, express cabinet, commercial vending machine, beverage vending machine, ATM machine, VTM machine, automation equipment, CNC operation.

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