Elevator Advertising Display manufacturers

Elevator Advertising Display manufacturers

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● High reliability and good stability
● Automatically adjust screen brightness
● Custom split screen
● Greatly save space

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  • Size: 18.5'' /21.5'' /23.6”/27”/32”
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    Every day when we enter and leave residential areas, shopping malls, office buildings and other venues, we can see advertisements played by elevator digital in elevators, which is also one of the means of business marketing. However, advertising and marketing success are two concepts.

    When advertising, what precautions should be paid attention to in order to maximize the benefits of advertising in the elevator?

    When digital elevator is advertising,What needs to pay attention to are the following three points!

    Rational use of sound advantages

    There will always be people who bow their heads during the elevator ride, so at this time, it is necessary to use advertising to attract such consumers and transmit information. The choice of sound should be in line with the characteristics of the product, and the volume control should be comfortable, rather than the bigger the better.

    Be creative purely

    Taking the elevator is a short stop for people on the road. At this time, people don’t like to think too much. A complex idea will make the audience less willing to spend time and effort to interpret it, so the idea should be intuitive and simple, and directly hit the heart.

    The main content of the advertisement should not change

    At the beginning of the launch, a long-term advertising slogan and color tone must be determined. In the subsequent long-term advertising, the advertising slogan and the color tone should remain unchanged, so as to improve the recognition of the advertisement and not increase the memory cost of the audience.

    The core of advertising is to ask others to remember your advertisement, which can be from a clip, or a simple and interesting advertisement word, etc. The current elevator digital signage media transmits a large amount of information, and the display time is long enough to meet the needs of new products. , the need for brand communication, the need to transmit new product listing information, and the need to transmit product promotion information.

    Basic Introduction

    1.As The broadcast form of the elevator advertising is very flexible, and it can be combined with the marketing activities of the product according to local conditions

    2.As a high-tech product, the elevator advertising can attract the active attention of consumers with its dynamic pictures and realistic colors.

    3.The remote control elevator advertising can be remotely switched on and off at a time when the power is on, and the machine can be automatically played in a loop. The background terminal can update the playback content at any time to realize the unmanned mode.

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    Product name

    Elevator Advertising Display manufacturers

    Resolution 1920*1080
    Response time 6ms
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI and LAN port
    Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Brightness 350 cd/m2


    White or black color

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    Product Features

    74.2% of people often pay attention to the content played by this elevator advertising every time they wait for the elevator, and 45.9% of them watch it every day. The audience who likes this kind of elevator advertising reaches 71%, and the biggest reason is that they don't waste their time while accepting this kind of advertisement message, and also add some active atmosphere to the boring waiting time.

    The local promotion of the elevator advertising is broadcast in the form of rolling subtitles at the bottom of the screen, which can effectively reduce the distance between consumers and specific products, and promote their purchase behavior to be completed in a short time.

    he release environment of the elevator advertising is relatively simple. The closed space generated by its organic integration with office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, high-end residences and other places not only greatly reduces the interference of advertisements, but also produces semi-mandatory viewing characteristics.


    Elevator entrance, inside elevator, hospital, library, coffee shop, supermarket, metro station, clothing store, convenience store, shopping mall, cinemas, gyms, resorts, clubs, foot baths, bars, beauty salons, golf courses.

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