Dual Screen Floor Stand Advertising Display

Dual Screen Floor Stand Advertising Display

Selling Point:

● Super-slim Dual screen
● Support Single/Remote control
● Indoor using

  • Optional:
  • Size: 43'' /55''
  • Display: Homogeneity /Heterogeneity
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    The digital advertising display has been continuously improved in terms of safety and stability to ensure excellent equipment; at the same time, the personality of the human-machine interface design has been strengthened to allow users to operate more conveniently; it has become a new type of advertising media and promotion equipment, then the hotel shopping mall totem kiosk What are the benefits of interactive digital signage?

    For example: the infrared digital signage kiosk has changed the passive communication mode of traditional Chinese media advertising, and it can attract more customers to actively browse advertisements through human-computer interaction. Hoteliers to analyze and apply.

    The hotel information release system can be equipped with terminal electronic display screens and LCD screens in halls, stairwells, floors and conference rooms. The system uniformly recommends the hotel's advertisements, latest events and latest products to consumers. The stylish, warm and comfortable modern style can bring a proper lifestyle to the guests, enhance their competitiveness, and let them know the latest information of the hotel at the first time. For example: hotel map, customer usage, food recommendations, promotions and other information.

    The benefits of lcd kiosk to consumers: consumers can learn about recommended businesses through the release of information such as floor stand advertising display and promotions. Play a variety of promotional ads, but also enhance the consumer's impression, rather than exclude. The vivid advertisements of the indoor advertising kiosk attract consumers to enjoy the comfort of visual and auditory affirmation.

    The benefits brought by the Digital signage totem to the business enterprise: the vertical advertising machine is used to display the image and style of the business, so that consumers can have a deeper impression of the business, and expand the brand cultural influence of the business. Show your products, so that consumers have a deeper understanding of the products, and also allow consumers to buy with more confidence. In order to realize the release of centralized resource management accounting information system, and to effectively control the broadcast time and method of all other work content, as well as the operation and development status of manufacturing equipment.

    Compared with wall-mounted products in fixed positions, most of them are digital signage display, which can be free of resistance, more flexible in installation, personalized applications, and better meet the needs of users in the retail industry. In addition, based on the flexibility of this premise and the rapid rise of the interactive trend, the floor stand digital has successfully created a quite "cordial" interaction, which greatly improves the cost-effectiveness of use.

    Basic Introduction

    Dual Screen Floor Stand Advertising Display adopts leading multimedia science and technology, and the high-tech system can release various media information smoothly. Support USB, HDMI, the machine itself and other advertising playback forms, the screen display effect is colorful.


    Brand Neutral brand
    System Android
    Brightness 350 cd/m2
    Resolution 1920*1080(FHD)
    Interface HDMI, USB, Audio, DC12V
    Color White
    WIFI Support

    Product Video

    Dual Screen Digital Signage2 (1)
    Dual Screen Digital Signage2 (4)
    Dual Screen Digital Signage2 (6)

    Product Features

    1.Wide range of use, can be placed in large shopping malls and supermarkets with a lot of traffic;
    2.Equipped with Android motherboard, which can realize single-machine U disk playback and network remote operation;
    3.The design of the ultra-thin double-sided screen can realize two display functions of the same screen display and different screen display;
    4.It can realize fixed point, split screen and network playback;
    5.The corresponding software can be installed and downloaded according to customer needs.


    Shopping malls, franchise chain stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, star-rated hotels, Apartment building, villa, office building, commercial office building, model room, sales department

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