Floor Standing LCD Window Digital Display

Floor Standing LCD Window Digital Display

Selling Point:

● Display programs clearly in direct sunlight
● Automatically recognize the content of the U disk and play.
● No matter from which direction it is viewed, it is the same as the front.
● Industrial grade commercial panel, reduce power consumption and save energy

  • Optional:
  • Size: 32'', 43'', 49'', 55'', 65'', 75''
  • Installation: Roof hanging / Floor standing
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    With the increasing development of artificial intelligence technology and the improvement of users' visual taste, the forms of window advertisements have become more and more diverse, integrating art and technology itself, the design of the ultra-thin body, the generous structure, The double-sided advertising machine with perfect viewing angle allows consumers to display different advertising contents in various and creative ways through video, animation, combination of pictures and text, or simple text. The vivid picture display and the perfect high-definition visual experience feel more conducive to grab the attention of the public.

    lcd screen for shop window can be seen everywhere in shopping malls now. One of the advantages of the  Window Digital Display is that it can be connected to the computer for background operation, so the content of the Lcd Window Display can be updated and released at any time, and different creative advertising content can be displayed in different time periods. It is very simple and easy to operate, and it is more convenient to satisfy the needs of different groups of people.

    The second big advantage is that the window displays is not only beautiful in appearance and appearance, but also has an ultra-thin body, which perfectly solves the problem of space placement. The store does not need to reserve a large position. Well placed our displays in windows 

    The third advantage: the practicability is particularly strong, not only can it play a role of vigorous publicity in daily life, but also can make the public users who do not understand the products in the store play a better understanding role.

    In the current information age, we must keep up with the pace of market development in advertising. While meeting the consumer needs of users in the market, we must also make advertising more beautiful, attractive, and visually appealing. It brings stronger publicity effect and facilitates users to obtain information faster during the viewing process. In this way, on the one hand, it caters to the appearance needs of merchants for advertising machines, and the practicability has also been greatly improved.

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    Basic Introduction

    Today's advertising is not just by sending flyers, hanging banners, and posters so casually. In the information age, advertising must also keep up with the development of the market and the needs of consumers. Blind promotion not only fails to achieve results, but makes consumption resentment. Window Digital advertising machine is different from the previous advertising methods. Its appearance is welcomed by businesses in various fields, especially in banks. It is widely used, and advertising machines can be seen almost everywhere.

    In modern business, the window is the facade of each store and merchant, and it has a dominant position in the display store. The window design has a high degree of publicity and expression, which can directly attract consumers through vision and enable customers to obtain information through perceptuality in a short time. The bank window adopts double-sided advertising machine, which is to use this point to fully display the bank's products and activities!

    Easily installed in store windows, this HD series of window facing digital signage captivates customers with its vivid image quality and quiet operation.
    The surface is made of cold-rolled steel baking paint process material, super texture, not easy to rust or paint.


    Brand Neutral brand
    Touch Non-touch
    System Android
    Brightness 2500 cd/m2, 1500 ~ 5000 cd/m (Customized)
    Resolution 1920*1080(FHD)
    Interface HDMI, USB, Audio, VGA, DC12V
    Color Black
    WIFI Support
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    Product Features

    1.Bright & Brilliant: The HD series possess powerful brightness of max. 5,000nits, messages remain bright and clear even in direct sunlight in a storefront, you get an uncompromised picture that can capture customers' attention and entice them into your store.

    2.Industrial and High Temperature 110'C: Combined with a high Tni110'C industrial
    grade OC, the HD series can operate 24/7.

    3.Visible with Polarized Sunglasses: Quarter-Wave Plate enables clear visibility
    even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses.

    4.Wide Viewing Angle: IPS technology provides better control of the liquid crystals, which in turn allows the screen to be viewed at virtually any angle.

    5.Automatic Brightness Control: The screen brightness is automatically adjusted depending on the ambient brightness. Brightness is increased during the day for better visibility, and decreased at night for efficient power management and protect human eyes.


    Shopping malls, Restaurants, Clothing stores, Train Stations, Airport.

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