Double Side Advertising Display

Double Side Advertising Display

Selling Point:

● Ceiling install
● High brightness

  • Optional:
  • Size: 43'' /49'' /55'' /65''
  • Display Mode Supports: Horizontal/Vertical screen
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    Shopping mall Lcd Window Display has become a new outdoor marketing scene that many brands and businesses pay attention to. Ultra-thin double-sided window displays with creative window advertising pictures can attract the attention of the window display are scenes that consumers can see almost every day, and have become a battleground for brands and businesses.

    SOSU's double-sided store window displays for shopping malls bids farewell to the traditional display window, and presents a scene-based advertising display, and the projected picture can bring more intense sensory stimulation to the audience.

    The new media advertisements for digital window display make full use of the surrounding resources, and achieve mutual benefits between their own windows and surrounding resources, and achieve precise delivery.

    The new window media with low energy consumption, high efficiency, no light pollution, and low-cost operation has brought new development space to outdoor projection advertising.

    Advantages of double-sided window display advertising in shopping malls

    1. Rich and diverse content

    The content release styles of the double-sided digital window display screens in the shopping mall window are diversified, which can be displayed through video, animation, graphic, text, etc. The vivid picture and high-definition visual experience are more conducive to attracting the attention of the public.

    2. Strong practicability

    Banks are a relatively special industry place, and LCD in Window are also a necessity for banks, which can better promote the business of banks, especially when customers are waiting for boredom, they can just provide a platform to solve boredom, and the promotion at this time can be better impressive.

    3. It is more convenient to operate and publish

    The content on the double-sided interactive window display in the shopping mall can be updated and released at any time, connect to the computer, background terminal, edit the content you want to publish, you can publish the content remotely, customize the program list, play different content at different time periods, and you can also remotely switch the machine regularly .

    Basic Introduction

    With the development of diversification, people pay more and more attention to Double Side Advertising Display's advertising and publicity effects. At this stage, many clothing stores will place a high-brightness window advertising machine at the entrance of the store, which can cyclically display the store information and product introduction, which is both beautiful and fashionable, and customers will not feel rejected by this advertising form. It has a 4K display effect, which is more vivid than the traditional picture display. Using a direct-type backlight, the brightness can reach 3000nits, and the display is also clear in the face of outdoor sunlight.The double-sided hanging advertising machine has inherited the basic characteristics of the standard single-screen advertising machine. In addition to continuing the previous high-definition, high-brightness, high-contrast, wide viewing angle, fast response, and low power consumption, it can also be equipped with WIFI. Wireless, bluetooth and other network functions, realize the centralized control of advertising machine in local area, wide area and metro area. The biggest feature that distinguishes it from other advertising machines is the use of LCD integrated backlight screen, signal synchronization and signal asynchronous integration, integrated single-core and integrated dual-core complementary

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    Brand Neutral brand
    System Android
    Brightness 2500 cd/m2
    Contrast  1200:1
    Operating hours 7*24Hrs
    Input voltage 180-264V, 50/60Hz
    Color White/Transparent
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    Product Features

    1.The LCD backlight effect of the high-brightness LCD screen is up to 2500cd/m2, which can be
    2.Watch directly under the sun without affecting its playback and the customer's viewing experience;
    3. Equipped with automatic photosensitive brightness adjustment function, the application is more flexible;
    4. The low-noise design is especially suitable for the window environment, and the low-noise design is especially suitable for the window environment;
    5. The ultra-thin appearance design is more suitable for window display.customer needs.


    Chain Stores, Fashion Store, Beauty store, Bank System, restaurant, club, Coffee shop

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