Digital Poster Display Magic Mirror Display Menu Board

Digital Poster Display Magic Mirror Display Menu Board

Selling Point:

● Network support
● HD display
● High resolution

  • Optional:
  • Size: 32'' /43'' /49'' /55''
  • Screen Type: Regular and Mirror
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    poster digital display is a kind of new style in the recent years. we found that the effect of the poster display is far beyond of the traditional board.For non-professional people,it will be very difficult to tell the difference. As a professional high-end digtal signage manufacturer,it is deeply known the difference between traditional board and smart digital signage.So in order to promote the industry developement and upgrade,it is necessary to know the basic knowledge.Here is the differences from 3 points between traditional board and digital display poster.

    The rich content is different. Traditional board only display the same AD, in general,it is photo or text information and it is not be changed. But the digital display poster can be published many kinds of media material,such as photo,text,video,audio and so on. It can be personally customized based on the actual needs. The different media materials can be combined to present. It will be very flexible.

    The cost of operation and maintenance is different. The additional board is replaced directly if need to replace the material or replace the text information. It will be not only waste mass manpower,material resources and financial resources,but also be spent long time to produce it.The period is unacceptable for commercial places .Because the manufacturer’s orders will be it will need longer time to wait for the small change. The direct and indirect cost will be enormous. But it is so easy to update the information for smart digital signage.We are just ready for the material and update it quickly. Not matter the economic cost and time cost,it is nearly ignored.

    The visual experience to users are total different. Traditional sign is made by traditional engraving and printing and users are used to it basically. If the design is not special and it is hard to attract the special attention. While the visual experience of smart digital display poster is much bigger with the high definition display and cool video and audio.

    Basic Introduction

    Digital Mirror LCD Poster is a new type of advertising machine that integrates mirrors and advertising machines. When turned on, it can be used as an advertising machine to play and promote the advertisements you want to play. When turned off, it can be used as a mirror for indoor fitness and dance practice, and it can also be used as a full-length mirror to match clothes. It is versatile and cost-effective, and is deeply loved by fitness enthusiasts and dance enthusiasts.


    External Interface: USB*2,RJ45*1
    Speaker: Built in speaker
    Parts: Remoter,power plug
    Voltage:  AC110-240V
    Brightness 350cd/
    Maximum Resolution: 1920*1080
    Life span 70000h
    Color Black/White

    Product Video

    Digital Mirror LCD Poster 1 (4)
    Digital Mirror LCD Poster 1 (5)
    Digital Mirror LCD Poster 1 (3)

    Product Features

    1: High definition: maximum support 1080P video;
    2: High security: the media files to be played can be encrypted, and cannot be played without the correct key;
    3: Complete functions: support horizontal and vertical screen playback, free split screen, scrolling subtitles, timing switch, USB direct playback or import data to the built-in memory for playback;
    4: Convenient management: user-friendly playlist making software, supports up to 100 playlist preset functions, which is convenient for advertising playback management and control;
    5: Picture playback: rotate, zoom, pan, slideshow, background music playback; audio mode: super digital power amplifier, left and right stereo three-way 2X8Q10W high-fidelity sound output;
    6: It is used to display and play commercial advertisements, and the powerful video playback function brings you a full HD experience; the unique full-screen and free split-screen playback style;
    7: Adopt full HD 1080P HD decoding, LED backlight LCD screen, support 16:99:16 (horizontal/vertical) and other display modes;
    8: High integration: Integrate 1 USB and 1 SD card interface to simplify the design of the whole machine; with perpetual calendar function, support 3-segment timing switch settings every day, and start automatically playback;
    9: OSD multi-language: support Chinese, English and other languages; support Chinese, English scrolling subtitles;
    10: Support multiple storage media functions: such as CF/USB/SD card, etc., support hot swap;
    11: Built-in multiple picture transition modes, picture playback transition effect and interval time can be freely set by software.


    Widely used in supermarkets, buildings, finance, exhibition halls, gyms, dance studios, restaurant, hotel Lobby, entertainment venue, sales center and other fields.


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