Ceiling Lcd Display

Ceiling Lcd Display

Selling Point:

● Vertical or horizontal, freely switching display
● Strong visibility and space saving
● Intelligent split or multi-screen display
● Double side Screen, ultra thin

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  • Size: 43/55 Inch
  • Installation: Ceiling-mounted
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    Basic Introduction

    There is many kinds of window lcd display. The double side hanging window display is the product of development of commercial display technology. It can manage and play the connect of the double display according to different requirement of users, and support various playback mode such as pictures,text,video and son on. Double window display is one of the more popular style. Traditional window display has only one screen while the dual windows display has 2 display screens. It can guarantee the advertisement for indoor and outdoor. It is very convenient for go on single display and combined playback.

    The double-sided ceiling-mounted advertising machine adopts OLED self luminous technology to break through the traditional backlight technology.It is the product of the development of commercial display technology. It can manage and play the content according to the different requirements of users, and support the playing modes of pictures, text, video and so on.

    The advent of hanging double-sided screen advertising machine not only inherits the characteristics of single screen advertising machine, but also has its own unique advantages. For example, it can display products on conventional terminals.

    We have been influenced by single screen advertising machines, such as vertical advertising machines, wall mounted advertising machines and other intelligent conventional terminal display products. What are their characteristics? High definition, high contrast, high pixel, fast response, low power consumption, long service life and intelligent separation.

    The screen can be switched on and off from the machine, can be played by u disk, and can also be connected to the network for remote control. These features are included in the hanging double-sided screen advertising machine.

    The installation way of hanging or ceiling saves much space greatly,especially in some limited space and prime locations.It is the most suitable.It has a wide visual area because hanging window display. So it will be not blocked by the obstacles and the masses can browse it from a long distance and the advertisement communication is more effective.

    The maintenance and update cost is very low and it does not need to be as troublesome as the previous paper poster. Commercial LCD display can be published any AD by remote control. We can edit any content and publish the AD at the same time to every LCD display immediately.It can set timer playback .It is very efficient and easy to replace the AD and make the maintenance,so the cost is very low.The advertising styles are diversified and the advertisement can be played through audio,video,picture,text and other styles.The vivid advertising display can attract the attention of the public and enhance the influence of the advertising. Double screen advertising display is generally used in the public places with a lot of traffic and wide range of space,such as airports,stations,shopping malls,squares and so on. It can not broadcast the flights,trains,guidance information,broadcasts,but also publish the commercials,current events and so on.


    Product name

    Ceiling LCD Display

    LCD Screen Non-touch
    Color White
    Operating System Operating System: Android/Windows
    Resolution 1920*1080
    Brightness 350-700 nits
    Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Wifi Support

    Product Video

    Ceiling Lcd Display1 (12)
    Ceiling Lcd Display1 (11)
    Ceiling Lcd Display1 (1)

    Product Features

    1. To expand vision and improve advertising efficiency with the double-sided design and enlarge the angle of information advertising to great extend.
    2. Remote control: content can be set remotely through online platform and it could realize to manage playlists, real-time / regular download and automatic playback.
    3. There are two LCD screens, one facing outward and the other facing inward. It is more attractive to show products and service activities, and has a more obvious impact on the audience from diffident vision.
    4. Vertical or Horizontal display,multi-screen or split screen, meeting the needs of multiple scenarios. Attracting attentions more easily.


    Banks generally have the shop windows and there are paper poster on them. This is a traditional advertisement habit. It is an inevitable choice to replace it with something better.Banks have some promotional posters at different time and need to publish the some information quickly. So it needs a product to replace the content easily and quickly. Double-sided window digital display just can meet the needs. window lcd display is a good product of easy use and easy maintenance.

    The mall, clothing store, restaurant, supermarket, drinkshop, hospital, office building, cinema, airport, showroom, etc.

    Ceiling Lcd Display Application

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