Double Side Advertising Display Ceiling Type

Double Side Advertising Display Ceiling Type

Selling Point:

● Connected: HDMI/LAN/USB(Optional:VGA/SIM Insert)
● Installation: Ceiling on the roof
● Touch: Non-touch

  • Optional:
  • Size: 43'', 55''
  • Brightness: 450cd/m2 /350cd/m2 / 700cd/m2
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    Basic Introduction

    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people have more requirements for products, and the same is true in the display field. Driven by this trend of thought, the ultra-thin double-sided advertising display screen was born. This is a product that combines diversity and practicability. Once launched, it has been favored by the majority of users.The Double Side Advertising Display Ceiling Type is as thin and light as 2.5mm, which saves the space for customers to the greatest extent. In addition, the screen of the fuselage is made of ultra-high-definition explosion-proof glass, which not only gives customers a full display effect, but also gives the product a deeper layer of protective film; it comes with multiple brightness options such as 350cd/m2 and 700cd/m2, which can meet the needs of individual customers.

    SOSU brand focuses on the R&D and manufacturer of software and hardware solutions for double-sided window lcd display, without the need for industry professional terminology introduction, using the most simple and easy-to-understand language to let you understand the complete set of solutions for bank LCD advertising machines in one minute.



    Product name

    Double Side Advertising Display Ceiling Type

    Viewing angle Horizontal/Vertical: 178°/178°
    HDMI Input
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI and LAN port
    Operating Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Response time 6ms
    Color White/Transparent/Black

    Product Video

    Double Side Advertising Display Ceiling Type2 (7)
    Double Side Advertising Display Ceiling Type2 (5)
    Double Side Advertising Display Ceiling Type2 (3)

    Product Features

    Features of double window digital display

    1. Front and back double-sided display
    2. High-transparency glass body
    3. High-definition picture quality display
    4. Ultra-thin hanging design
    5. Remote release is easier
    6. Divide at will Split-screen display (can display video, pictures, text and other rich content at the same time to support multiple split-screen playback);
    7. Light and thin 2cm industrial design concept
    8. The sound and picture of the sound of nature is wonderful and moving (built-in shocking sound, with the advertising clips like water and flowers, enjoy extraordinary audio-visual effects);
    9. Support U disk to publish programs

    Through the self-developed networking technology,the equipment is linked to the host,hardware(mobile phone and computer),media terminals. The traditional convention does not place advertisements realizing offline labor saves a lot of labor. It is deficient and convenient, flexible delivery,accurate data.

    The cloud breaks the traditional offline advertising that must fully connected to the point selection and other forms of cooperation and is fully implemented. Advertisers can implement online advertisement on computers and other displays. At the same time can realize the real-time online monitoring.

    Digital window display is installed beside the windows. It will save large space and added more beautiful scenery to the bank. The daily looping content can allow more people to see the information and enhance the new image of the bank.


    Suitable for banks, airports, shopping malls, libraries, high-end office buildings, etc., the integrated transparent body makes the display screen look like a moving picture inlaid in the air, and it does not appear obtrusive when delivering business information, frosted material metal The bezels make the display look more like a work of art, making the scene simple and elegant.

    The mall, clothing store, restaurant, supermarket, drinkshop, hospital, office building, cinema, airport, showroom, etc.

    Ceiling Lcd Display Application

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