Wall mounted outdoor digital display

Wall mounted outdoor digital display

Selling Point:

● High waterproof and dustproof IP65
● Can be viewed in direct sunlight and high brightness environment
● 7*24 hours of uninterrupted playback

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  • Size: 32inch 43inch 50inch 55inch 65inch
  • Touch: Non-touch or touch style
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    Basic Introduction

    Outdoor LCD advertising machine has a good visual impact. It is used in outdoor public places.
    1. Advantages in transmitting information and expanding influence. 7*24 advertising loop back,all-weather communication media, this feature makes it easier for you to like it.You can change the display content anytime, and it is easy to replace, saving costs.
    2.Outstanding safety performance. Door lock protection, casing screw hidden design. Explosion-proof glass, excellent anti-strike performance. The internal temperature is always stable, and the air-cooled air-conditioning system circulates inside


    product name outdoor digital signage
     Panel Size 32inch 43inch 50inch 55inch 65inch
     Screen Panel Type
    Resolution 1920*1080p 55inch 65inch support 4k resolution
    Brightness 1500-2500cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:9
    Backlight LED
    Color Black

    Product Video

    Wall mounted outdoor digital display2 (3)

    Product Features

    1. Various forms of expression
    The generous and fashionable appearance of the outdoor advertising machine has the effect of beautifying the city, and the high-definition and high-brightness LCD display has a clear picture quality, which makes you feel natural.
    2. Remote control
    The display screen of outdoor advertising machines can be controlled by internet. By connecting the internet, choosing the picture and video you like,or some good advertising ideas, you can send it to your outdoor signage immediately.
    3. 7*24 hours of uninterrupted playback
    The outdoor advertising machine can play the content in a loop 7*24 hours uninterrupted, and can update the content at any time. It is not restricted by time, location and weather.
    4.Your bussiness helper
    Outdoor advertising machines can make better use of the blank psychology often generated in public places when consumers are walking and visiting. At this time, good advertising ideas are more likely to leave a very deep impression on people, can attract a higher attention rate, and make it easier for them to accept the advertisement.Every time you place a outdoor advertising player,then you could change the way it play.Picture or video you prefer could be roll playing on the screen.


    Hall door, highway toll, billboards, exhibition area, street center, outside the mall, business district, bus stop, commercial street, airport, railway station, newspaper column, campus.


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