Outdoor digital kiosk IP65

Outdoor digital kiosk IP65

Selling Point:

● Waterpoof and dustproof
● Adjust the brightness automatically
● Good heat dissipation with holes
● High temperature resistance

  • Optional:
  • Size: 32'', 43'', 49'', 55'', 65'', 75''
  • Installation: Wall mounted or floor standing Standard single screen,double screen accept customization
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    Basic Introduction

    Outdoor Kiosk is widely used in many public and outdoor places because of the waterproof and dustproof even in bad environment.
    Personnel do not need to go to the spot to release the advertisement,it saves much labor and time to improve the working efficiency.


    Product Name outdoor digital signage
    Panel Size 32inch 43inch 50inch 55inch 65inch
    Screen Panel Type
    Resolution 1920*1080p 55inch 65inch support 4k resolution
    Brightness 1500-2500cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:09
    Backlight LED
    Color Black

    Product Video

    Outdoor digital kiosk IP651 (1)
    Outdoor digital kiosk IP651 (3)
    Outdoor digital kiosk IP651 (4)

    Product Features

    In the past two years, outdoor LCD advertising machines have become a new type of outdoor media. They are used in tourist attractions, trade pedestrian streets, residential properties, public parking lots, public transportation, and other public occasions where people gather. The LCD screen displays videos or pictures, and publishes business, finance and economics. Multimedia professional audio-visual system for entertainment information.

    Outdoor advertising machines can play advertising information to specific groups of people at specific locations and at specific time intervals. At the same time, they can also count and record the playback time, playback frequency and playback range of multimedia content, and even realize interactive functions while performing. With powerful functions such as the number of recorded videos and user dwell time, Yuanyuantong outdoor advertising machine has been purchased and used by more and more owners
    1. Various forms of expression

    The generous and fashionable appearance of the outdoor advertising machine has the effect of beautifying the city, and the high-definition and high-brightness LCD display has a clear picture quality, which often makes consumers accept the advertisement very naturally.

    2. High arrival rate

    The arrival rate of outdoor advertising machines is second only to TV media. By combining the target population, choosing the correct application location, and cooperating with good advertising ideas, you can reach multiple levels of people in an ideal range, and your advertising can be more accurately recognized.

    3. 7*24 hours of uninterrupted playback

    The outdoor advertising machine can play the content in a loop 7*24 hours uninterrupted, and can update the content at any time. It is not restricted by time, location and weather. A computer can easily manage the outdoor advertising machine all over the country, saving manpower and material resources.

    4. More acceptable

    Outdoor advertising machines can make better use of the blank psychology often generated in public places when consumers are walking and visiting. At this time, good advertising ideas are more likely to leave a very deep impression on people, can attract a higher attention rate, and make it easier for them to accept the advertisement.

    5. Strong selectivity for regions and consumers

    Outdoor advertising machines can choose advertising forms according to the location of the application, such as choosing different advertising forms in commercial streets, squares, parks, and vehicles, and outdoor advertising machines can also be based on the common psychological characteristics and customs of consumers in a certain area. set up

    1. Outdoor lcd display has the high definition and can adapt to all kinds of outdoor environment.
    2. Outdoor digital signage can adjust the brightness automatically to reduce the light pollution and save electricity.
    3. The temperate control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the kiosk to ensure that the kiosk runs in an environment of -40 to +50 degrees
    4. The protection grade for outdoor digital display can reach IP65,waterproof,dustproof,moisture proof,corrosion proof and anti-riot
    5. Remote release and management of broadcast content can be realized based on the network technology.
    6. There is various interface to display the advertisement by HDMI,VGA and so on


    But Stop, Commercial street, Parks, Campuses, Railway station, Airport...


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