Floor standing outdoor digital signage

Floor standing outdoor digital signage

Selling Point:

● High security, anti-lightning, rainstorm and dust
● High brightness
● 7*24 long working time

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  • Size: 32inch 43inch 50inch 55inch 65inch
  • Touch: Non-touch or touch style
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    Basic Introduction

    Outdoor LCD advertising machine has a good visual impact. It is used in outdoor public places.
    1. Advantages in transmitting information and expanding influence. 7*24 advertising loop back,all-weather communication media, this feature makes it easier for you to like it.You can change the display content anytime, and it is easy to replace, saving costs.
    2.Outstanding safety performance. Door lock protection, casing screw hidden design. Explosion-proof glass, excellent anti-strike performance. The internal temperature is always stable, and the air-cooled air-conditioning system circulates inside


    Product Name outdoor digital signage
    Panel Size 32inch 43inch 50inch 55inch 65inch
    Screen Panel Type
    Resolution 1920*1080p 55inch 65inch support 4k resolution
    Brightness 1500-2500cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:09
    Backlight LED
    Color Black

    Product Video

    Outdoor digital kiosk IP651 (3)
    Outdoor digital kiosk IP651 (1)
    Outdoor digital kiosk IP651 (4)

    Product Features

    1. The appearance is fashionable enough: with a high-end and fashionable shell, with a variety of colors, it can be naturally integrated into the use environment. There are various styles, and users can choose different colors according to different environmental characteristics. The default color is black.

    2. It can also be highlighted outdoors: it is clearly visible for 24 hours, and the brightness can reach up to 5000cd/m2.

    3. Can be intelligently sensitive: the brightness of the screen can be adjusted according to the change of the external brightness, which plays a role in energy saving and power saving.

    4. It can also intelligently control temperature: equipped with an intelligent temperature control system, it can keep the interior of the outdoor advertising machine in a constant temperature and dry environment, and can prevent fogging and condensation, and ensure the projection clarity of the advertising screen.

    5. Sun-proof and explosion-proof: The shell is made of cold-rolled plate or stainless steel, which is treated with professional surface technology of waterproof, sun-proof and explosion-proof.

    6. Anti-reflection and anti-reflection: The front of the product adopts imported anti-glare glass, which can effectively increase the projection of internal light and reduce the reflection of external light, so that the LCD screen can display image colors more vivid and bright.

    7. Dustproof and waterproof: The whole machine is designed to be closed to prevent external dust and water from entering the interior, reaching the IP55 standard.

    8. Built-in embedded system: built-in embedded operating system and professional combination playback software, automatic operation, automatic management, no poisoning, no crash, the playback software can support third-party software


    But Stop, Commercial street, Parks, Campuses, Railway station, Airport...


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