Outdoor Digital Kiosk LCD Interactive SmartMedia

Outdoor Digital Kiosk LCD Interactive SmartMedia

Selling Point:

● High Brightness
● Water proof
● Auto-Sensitivity

  • Optional:
  • Size: 32'' /43'' /49'' /55'' /65'' /75'' /86'' /100”
  • Installation: Wall mounted/Floor standing
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    Why advertising display so popular?

    Everywhere will have Outdoor digital signage.You will receive a lot of information from them if you go outside,once you wake up.

    1、High sastifation

    In the past, the marketing method of enterprises was mainly the method of casting a wide net, using online promotion channels and offline static publicity. To achieve more customer promotion. But now, with the development of the Internet and the propaganda of false information, people are paying more attention to the reliability of online information. The traditional offline static promoters do not have much attraction.

    The outdoor digital kiosk, through strategic media arrangement and distribution, online promotion is delivered in time, and information is pushed through remote control. Combining the target population in a certain city, choosing the right release location, and using the right outdoor media, you can reach multiple levels of people in an ideal range, and your advertisements can match the audience's life rhythm well. Make it easier for the product to be recognized and accepted.

    2、Selective placement of advertisements according to needs

    On the one hand, outdoor digital can choose advertising forms according to the characteristics of the region, such as choosing different advertising forms in commercial streets, squares, parks, and vehicles, and outdoor advertising can also be based on the common psychological characteristics and customs of consumers in a certain area. On the other hand, outdoor advertising can provide repeated publicity to regular consumers who are often active in this area, making them a strong impression.

    3、Strong visual impact

    Placing outdoor digital in public places has great advantages in transmitting information and expanding influence. It is direct and concise enough to attract major advertisers.

    4、Various forms of expression

    outdoor digital kiosk can be customized with interesting shells, so that outdoor advertisements have their own characteristics, and these outdoor advertisements also have the effect of beautifying the city.

    5、long release period

    The publicity of outdoor digital kiosk is not limited by time, and can achieve 24-hour video publicity in places where people gather. For example, hotels can achieve brand promotion for a long time.

    6、low cost

    The advertising methods we usually see mainly come from the following points: online websites, TV, posters, etc., but the investment cost of these advertisements is intermittent. So now the emergence of outdoor digital kiosk, can achieve a relatively low cost to achieve a wide range of coverage. Colleagues can still achieve consumer positioning consumption.

    7、more acceptable

    outdoor digital kiosk can make better use of the blank psychology that consumers often generate in public places when they are walking and visiting. At this time, some beautifully designed advertisements and the colorful and changing light of neon lights can often leave a very deep impression on people, which can attract a higher attention rate and make it easier for them to accept advertisements.

    Basic Introduction

    Outdoor Digital Kiosk Floor Standing uses professional industrial processing and high-definition liquid crystal display as screen display, its brightness can reach 2500cd/m2, which solves the problem that indoor machines cannot be used outdoors, and has a long service life and can work continuously for five million hours. It will also automatically adjust its brightness according to the different ambient temperature. In addition, it also has a good waterproof, dust proof, cold and moisture proof function, which can be used normally in remote and dry areas.In the past two years, it have become a brand-new outdoor media, which are used in tourist attractions, commercial pedestrian streets, residential properties, public parking lots, public transportation and other public places where people gather. Multimedia professional audiovisual system for entertainment information.

    The outdoor advertising machine can play advertising information to a specific group of people in a specific place and a specific time period. At the same time, it can also count and record the playback time, playback times and playback range of the multimedia content, and even realize the playback at the same time. With powerful functions such as interactive functions, recording viewing times, and user stay time, outdoor advertising machines have been favored by more and more commercial owners.


    External Interface: USB*2,RJ45*1
    Speaker: Built in speaker
    Parts: Remoter,power plug
    Voltage:  AC110-240V
    Brightness 350cd/
    Maximum Resolution: 1920*1080
    Life span 70000h
    Colors Black/Metal/Silver

    Product Video

    Outdoor Digital Kiosk1 (2)
    Outdoor Digital Kiosk1 (4)

    Product Features

    1.With ultra-high waterproof level, up to IP65;
    2.Waterproof, anti-fouling, dust proof, moisture proof, high temperature resistance, low functional consumption, long battery life;
    3.Support USB, HDMI, LAN, WIFI, VGA, AV and other interfaces;
    4.You can use the U disk for stand-alone playback and remote control using the network;
    5. Support multiple languages, barrier-free communication around the world.


    Bus stop, commercial street, airport, railway station, newspaper column, campus


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