Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Advertising Kiosk

Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Advertising Kiosk

Selling Point:

● IP65 Stand Level
● Waterproof for out door use
● Dustproof for harsh environment
● Tempered glass prevent breakage

  • Optional:
  • Size: 32'' /43'' /49'' /55'' /65'' /75'' /86'' /100''
  • Screen orientation: Vertical / Horizontal
  • System: Windows/Android
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    Basic Introduction

    Outdoor advertising Through strategic media arrangement and distribution, outdoor advertising can create an ideal reach rate. According to a survey conducted by Power Communication, the reach rate of outdoor media is second only to TV media. Combining the target population in a certain city, choosing the right place to publish, and using the right outdoor media, you can reach multiple levels of people in an ideal range, and your advertisements can be very well coordinated with the audience's life. .

    Outdoor advertising machines have unparalleled advantages in transmitting information and expanding influence. A giant advertisement set up in a prime location in a city is a must for any company that wants to build a lasting brand image. Its directness and simplicity are enough to fascinate the world The big advertisers even often become a city landmark.

    Many outdoor media are published persistently, 24/7. They are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the most time to spread. As people's outdoor activities are increasing day by day, they are more influenced by outdoor advertising, and the exposure rate of outdoor advertising is also greatly increased.

    Diverse forms and unlimited creativity: Since the development of the advertising industry, there have been great changes in the form of outdoor advertising. It is estimated that there are more than 50 types. You can find a suitable method for you to deliver advertising messages to the audience. Unlike a 15-second TV commercial, a 1/4-page or half-page advertisement, outdoor media can mobilize a variety of on-site expression methods to create comprehensive and rich sensory stimulation. Images, sentences, three-dimensional objects, dynamic sound effects, environments, etc., can all be subtly integrated into the endless creative space.
    Low cost: Compared to expensive TV commercials, magazine ads and other media, outdoor advertising can be a good value for money.


    Brand Neutral brand/OEM/ODM
    Touch Non-touch
    Tempered Glass 2-3MM
    Brightness 1500-2500cd/m2
    Resolution 1920*1080(FHD)
    Protection Grade IP65
    Color Black
    WIFI Support

    Product Video

    Outdoor Digital Kiosk1 (3)

    Product Features

    1.High-definition highlight, able to adapt to various external environments.

    2.It can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment, reduce light pollution and save electricity.

    3.The temperature control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates in an environment of -40~50 degrees.

    4.The outdoor protection level reaches IP65, which is waterproof, dustproof, moistureproof, anticorrosion and riot proof.


    But Stop, Commercial street, Parks, Campuses, Railway station, Airport...


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