Interactive Touch Table panel Pc

Interactive Touch Table panel Pc

Selling Point:

● It can support tabletop games, a variety of applications, The interactive touch table integrates a variety of games, and you can get an entertainment experience with just a touch.
● High-definition picture quality, vivid color, capacitive touch, multiple people operate at the same time
● The screen body and the edge of the smart desktop are designed to be flat, so there is no gap.

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  • Size: 43inch 55inch
  • Touch: Touch style
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    Basic Introduction

    Interactive Touch Table is a new type of technology table, which adds more interactive functions on the basis of traditional table.
    1.Users can play games, browse web pages, interact with desktops, etc. during business negotiations or family gatherings, so that users are no longer bored while waiting for a break.
    2.Flat surface, capacitive touch, simple and beautiful, easy to clean, place items, and water droplets will not affect the use.
    3. The entire desktop is integrated, including the OPS module, which is hidden inside. The exterior is an integrated design except for the display part, which supports the choice of windows and Android systems,and we have X-type and C-type base for your choice
    4. High cost performance.One can replace the old-fashioned coffee table, dining table and surrounding auxiliary multimedia entertainment facilities, improve the grade, reduce costs, and cost-effective
    5. multi-touch, multiple people operate at the same time.
    Unique optical interactive sensing imaging patent technology, realizes true multi-touch, no ghost points; fully compatible with TUIO and Windows multi-touch standards; achieves simultaneous recognition of more than 100 touch points; user finger touch sensing, unlike projection interactive games, only Recognizing arm waving, it cannot achieve dazzling touch gesture control, and more than 10 people can operate at the same time without interfering with each other.
    6. Flexible configuration Flexibility provides different design services for individualized users to meet individualized needs.
    The appearance is designed with different styles, sizes, materials, etc. according to customer needs. The desktop can be selected from tempered glass or LCD screen, and the host configuration can also be flexibly matched according to needs, so as to create the most cost-effective products for you.
    7. the surface is smooth.The surface is glass, and there is no frame protrusion of 1-2cm like the infrared frame multi-touch screen.
    8. waterproof, anti-scratch, anti-strike.
    Surface of the touch table: waterproof, scratch-resistant, and impact-resistant, fully meeting the performance requirements of traditional coffee tables (infrared frame type cannot be achieved).
    9. high sensitivity.High refresh rate: The refresh rate of touch is 60fps, the touch experience is first-class, and there is no lag at all.
    10. high-definition picture.4:3 high-definition picture, ultra-short-throw high-brightness projector. Unique anti-environmental light interference design, can work under sunlight and spotlights.


    Product name Interactive touch table panel pc
     Panel Size  43inch 55inch
     Screen Panel Type
    Resolution 1920*1080p 55inch support 4k resolution
    Brightness 350cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:9
    Backlight LED
    Color White
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