Screen Strip Digital Panel Digital Shelf Edge Multiscreen

Screen Strip Digital Panel Digital Shelf Edge Multiscreen

Selling Point:

● Unconventional size Screen strip, more visual impact than wall-mounted advertising machine,giving users a better visual experience
● It supports arbitrary switching between horizontal and vertical screens, enriching the visual experience
● 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, outstanding product quality

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  • Size: 18.9inch 23.1inch 28.6inch 35inch 36.2inch 37.8inch
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    Basic Introduction

    1. HD quality, support 2k and 4k.
    2. Arbitrary customization of display size and overall size
    3. Flexible installation methods, support wall hanging, embedded, hanging
    4. Optional operating system, windows, Android, monitor, linux, etc.
    5. Optional information release system, one-key release for remote operation


    Product name Screen Strip Digital Panel Digital Shelf Edge Multiscreen
    Panel Size 18.9inch  23.1inch  28.6inch  35inch 36.2inch 37.8inch
    Screen Panel Type
    Resolution 1920*1080p support 4k resolution
    Brightness 500cd/m²
    Backlight LED
    Color Black

    Product Video

    Screen strip digital Panel2 (6)
    Screen strip digital Panel2 (5)
    Screen strip digital Panel2 (2)

    Product Features

    Sosu Screen strip digital Panel adopts original high grade level module screen to ensure quality and performance. Thanks to the matte finish, the strip screen can present clear and crisp images in different ambient lighting conditions. Various sizes and other specifications use industrial LCD screens such as Samsung and LG, which can restore true colors under various lighting conditions and create visual enjoyment.

    At present, the reshaping of commercial space in the society is gradually changing, and the personalized needs of users for imaging equipment will become more and more diversified in the future. With the upgrading of consumption trends and the diversified construction of urban space, the expressiveness and ductility of the business environment are constantly improving. Smart bar screens and bar advertising machines have become the favored choice. Bar screens, as the name suggests, are long strips. LCD. There are other names in the industry, such as cutting screen, cutting bar screen, special-shaped screen, etc. The display or advertising machine made of this kind of cutting strip screen is not much different from most of the advertising machines on the market in essence, the difference lies in the aspect ratio of the display size. The aspect ratio of the normal LCD screen display area is generally 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, etc., but these normal-sized commercial display products cannot be installed in some relatively narrow places. Therefore, the strip screen came into being. It is widely used in banks, supermarkets, chain stores, airports, subways, buses, subways and other places; it has opened up a wide and deep characteristic information dissemination channel for commercial space.

    Bar screen advertising machine software function introduction:

    1. Program management: support audio, video (local material, streaming media), pictures, web pages, Flash, Word, Excel, PDF, scrolling files, weather forecast, time and other arbitrary split screens;

    2. Playing mode: support regular program loop playback, carousel program, insert program, shim program, U disk update;
    3. Remote control: support remote release timing switch, restart, wake up; standby, support remote control volume, remote software update, etc.;

    4. Log statistics: including operation logs, single picture, video, scene, program statistics, etc.;

    5. Hierarchical management: support multi-level and multi-user management, set different permissions for each user, and assign the same or different terminal management;

    6. Other functions: support breakpoint memory, breakpoint resuming, offline publishing.

    Sosu's excellent design concept and meticulous quality endow Soso's series of strip screens with visual effects. The ultra-wide scale screen breaks through space constraints, supports multi-information display, and optimizes vertical display. It can easily rotate 90 degrees and can be installed freely. way to match more creative inspiration. It adopts metal casing, which is sturdy and reliable, allowing users to use it with peace of mind.



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