Transparent Screen Display OLED Information Display

Transparent Screen Display OLED Information Display

Selling Point:

● LG Screen
● Very slim
● Transparent display

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  • Installation: Ceiling, Wall hanging, Floor, Splicing
  • Motherboard: Android/Windows
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    Basic Introduction

    OLED self-luminous screen is a new generation of mainstream display technology after CRT and LCD. It does not need a backlight and uses very thin organic material coatings and glass substrates (or flexible organic substrates). When there is current passing through, these organic materials will glow. Moreover, the OLED display screen can be made lighter and thinner, with a larger viewing angle, healthier eye protection, and can significantly save power consumption.The screen is as transparent as glass, but the display effect is still colorful and clear, which reflects the richness of colors and display details to the greatest extent. It allows customers to see the exquisite exhibits behind the displayed products through the screen while watching the displayed products at close range. It is a high-end product that is deeply loved by audiences and customers to improve customers' love for exhibits.


    Driver Motherboard Android Motherboard
    OS Android 4.4.4 CPU quad core
    Memory 1+8G
    Graphics card 1920*1080(FHD)
    Interface Integrated
    Interface USB/HDMI/LAN
    WIFI Support
    Transparent Screen Display2 (6)
    Transparent Screen Display2 (4)

    Product Features

    1. Active light-emitting, no need for backlight, it is thinner and more power-saving;
    2. More Color Reproducibility and color saturation, the display effect is more realistic;
    3. Excellent low temperature performance, normal work at minus 40 ℃;
    4. Wide viewing angle, close to 180 degrees without color distortion;
    5. High electromagnetic compatibility protection capability;
    6.The driving method is as simple as ordinary TFT-LCD, with parallel port, serial port, I2C bus, etc., no need to add any controller.
    7.Precise color: OLED controls light by pixel, which can maintain almost the same color gamut whether it is a dark field picture or a bright field picture, and the color is more accurate.
    8.Ultra-wide viewing angle: OLED can also show accurate picture quality on the side. When the color difference value Δu'v'<0.02, the human eye can hardly recognize the color change, and the measurement is based on this. In an ideal laboratory professional measurement environment, the color viewing angle of the OLED self-luminous screen is 120 degrees, and the brightness half angle is 120 degrees. The value is 135 degrees, which is much larger than a high-end LCD screen. In the actual daily use environment, OLED is almost no dead angle viewing, and the picture quality is consistently excellent.


    Shopping malls, Restaurants, Train Stations, Airport, Showroom, Exhibitions, Museums, Art galleries, Business buildings.

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