Commercial OLED Flexible Screen

Commercial OLED Flexible Screen

Selling Point:

● Ultra thin design
● 178°Viewing angle
● Real-time point-to-point 4K display, clear picture, better performance
● Various installation methods

  • Optional:
  • Size: 43 inch / 55 inch
  • Installation: Wall mount / Ceiling / Floor Stand / Splicing
  • Screen orientation: Vertical / Horizontal
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    Basic Introduction

    Compared with traditional LCD technology, OLED display technology has obvious advantages. The thickness of OLED screen can be controlled within 1mm, while the thickness of LCD screen is usually about 3mm, and the weight is lighter.

    OLED, namely Organic Light Emitting Diode or Organic Electric Laser Display. OLED has the characteristics of self-luminescence. It uses a very thin organic material coating and a glass substrate. When the current passes through, the organic material will emit light, and the OLED display screen has a large viewing angle, which can achieve flexibility and can significantly save electricity. .
    The full name of the LCD screen is LiquidCrystalDisplay. The structure of the LCD is to place liquid crystals in two parallel pieces of glass. There are many vertical and horizontal thin wires between the two pieces of glass. The rod-shaped crystal molecules are controlled by whether they are powered or not. Change the direction and refract the light to produce the picture.
    The most fundamental difference between LCD and OLED is that 0LED is self-illuminating, while LCD needs to be illuminated by a backlight to display.


    Brand Neutral brand
    Touch Non-touch
    System Android/Windows
    Resolution 1920*1080
    Power AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
    Interface USB/SD/HIDMI/RJ45
    WIFI Support
    Speaker Support

    Product Video

    Commercial OLED Flexible Screen2 (1)
    Commercial OLED Flexible Screen2 (2)
    Commercial OLED Flexible Screen2 (4)

    Product Features

    Advantages of OLED screen display
    1) The thickness can be less than 1mm, and the weight is also lighter;
    2) Solid-state mechanism, no liquid material, so the seismic performance is better, not afraid of falling;
    3) There is almost no viewing angle problem, even at a large viewing angle, the picture is still not distorted:
    4) The response time is one-thousandth of that of LCD, and there will be absolutely no smear when displaying moving pictures;
    5) Good low temperature characteristics, can still display normally at minus 40 degrees;
    6) The manufacturing process is simple and the cost is lower;
    7) Higher luminous efficiency and lower energy consumption;
    8) It can be manufactured on substrates of different materials, and can be made into flexible displays that can be bent.


    Shopping malls, Restaurants, Train Stations, Airport, Showroom, Exhibitions, Museums, Art galleries, Business buildings

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