Stretched Bar LCD Display

Stretched Bar LCD Display

Selling Point:

● Horizontal and vertical screen intelligent switching
● True Colors and Delicate Picture Quality
● 178° wide angle color which make the picture more realistic
● Adopt stylish bar structure, present high-definition visual enjoyment for users

  • Optional:
  • Size: 19.5'' /24'' /28.1'' /28.6'' /36.2'' /36.8'' /37.6'' /43'' /43.8'' /43.9'' /48.8'' /49.5'' /58.4''
  • Installation: Wall mount / Ceiling
  • Screen orientation: Vertical / Horizontal
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    Basic Introduction

    The strip screen refers to a long strip liquid crystal display with an aspect ratio larger than that of an ordinary display. Due to its various sizes, clear display and rich functions, the use range is expanding day by day.
    With excellent hardware quality, comprehensive software functions, and powerful system customization capabilities, strip screens have been widely used in the advertising market.

    The leap-forward design of the strip LCD breaks through the many limitations of the traditional LCD display on the installation environment, making the project more flexible. The strip LCD screen can better adapt to the use environment and serve people, and its unique strip shape makes people look very pleasing. Strip LCD screen is a kind of LCD screen product which is demand-oriented with the development of LCD screen. As the name implies: a strip LCD screen is a strip LCD screen, which is a form of expression of a special-shaped screen. With the development of science and technology, more and more places are using bar screens, such as: bus, subway and other signs showing the route. It can be said that the application range of the strip screen is very wide.


    Brand Neutral brand
    Touch Non-touch
    System Android
    Brightness 200~500cd/m2
    Viewing angle range 89/89/89/89(U/D/L/R)
    Interface USB/SD/Udisk
    WIFI Support
    Speaker Support

    Product Video

    Stretched Bar LCD Display2(1)
    Stretched Bar LCD Display2(2)
    Stretched Bar LCD Display2(4)

    Product Features

    1.The stretched bar lcd display is combined with the information release system to support basic functions such as split-screen playback, time-sharing playback, and timing switch;
    2.Stretched lcd display support terminal group management, account authority management, system security management;
    3.Screen strip support extended functions, such as extract playback, multi-screen synchronization, linkage playback, etc.
    4.Remote real-time management and control, automatic information release.
    5.Customized program time period management, the cloud switches the device on and off, restarts, adjusts the volume, etc.
    6.High reliability and good stability: The high-brightness LCD substrate of the strip LCD screen is processed by a unique technology. Make ordinary TV screen have the characteristics of industrial-grade LCD screen, high reliability, good stability, suitable for working in harsh environments.


    Retail shelves, Subway platforms, Bank windows, Corporate elevators, Shopping malls, Airports.


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