Elevator Digital Signage Display

Elevator Digital Signage Display

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● Small size
● Mulit functions
● Easy to install

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  • Size: 18.5''/21.5''/18.5+10.4”/21.5+19”
  • Product Type: Single horizontal and Vertical screen/Single horizontal or Vertical Screen
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    The large-scale popularization of the Internet has promoted the prosperity of media advertising. LCD elevator digital signage are widely used in various office buildings, communities, shopping malls, etc. The elevator advertising display can meet the needs of commercial advertising, and support long-term 24-hour uninterrupted advertising playback.

    SOSU wall mounted digital elevator has 10.1 inches, 15.6 inches, 18.5 inches, 21.5 inches, 23 inches, 27 inches and so on. Support horizontal and vertical screen installation and playback, intelligent split-screen display, resolution: 1920*1080, contrast: 4000:1, image ratio: 16:9, brightness: 350cd/m2, viewing angle: 178°, satisfying the different lighting environments in the elevator entrance, high-definition pictures bring visual experience, memory and running memory can be selected according to the needs of use.

    The elevator digital signage has an online version and a stand-alone version. The main difference between the two is whether it is played through the network. The stand-alone version of the elevator advertising machine does not need to connect to the Internet to play advertisements. It is by copying the content of the U disk into the advertising machine. The advertising machine can automatically download the content and then play the advertisement offline. It is suitable for some places without network deployment, or Poor network signal. The advantage is that the advertisement can be played stably without the need for a network. The disadvantage is that when updating the content, it is necessary to manually insert a U disk in front of the device to update it, and it cannot be remotely controlled and managed. The network version of the elevator advertising machine needs to be connected to the network for remote control. The network on the display device needs to be consistent with the server. The content can be edited through the computer and published on the advertising machine, and the content can be played. It can manage multiple advertising machines in a unified way and update the advertising content in real time. So when you buy, choose which version according to your actual needs.

    Elevator advertising display are installed at the elevator entrance, in the elevator, and play advertisements, which can effectively relieve the discomfort of passengers in the elevator, and can also kill the time waiting for the elevator. Therefore, elevator advertisements can better attract consumers' attention and exposure of business brands. It subtly enters the consumer consciousness and stimulates the consumer's desire to buy. Therefore, among various commercial media advertising models, LCD elevator advertising machine is favored by the majority of business advertisers with their unique advantages.

    The LCD elevator digital can not only play some advertisements, business brand promotion, promotional activities, etc., but also play public service advertisements to achieve advertising revenue and enhance the city's image.

    LCD advertising display are widely used in shopping malls, chain stores, airports, subways, stations, business halls, exhibition halls, scenic spots, hospitals, banks, government centers and other places.

    Basic Introduction

    Elevator Digital Signage Display has the comprehensiveness of the existing advertising media at the audience level; the advertising information transmission of the urban consumer mainstream groups formed by the community is highly targeted; the population, age, gender, culture, social occupation and other consumer classes are targeted at The specificity of group consumption by industries, ministries, social groups and other groups.It is the most important basic form of advertising media for customers to implement integrated advertising strategies to achieve terminal sales. It is a window that integrates into people's life and is easy to enter the people's field of vision. Electronic journals and magazines are an important portal for the consumption journey of the community; the 30-day elevator advertisement release period constitutes a stable, concentrated and long-term advertising information flow time and space. Therefore, If the elevator advertisement is beautifully produced and highly decorative, people will not have the psychology of rejection after reading it many times. Communication experts believe that elevator advertisements mainly convey some pieces of information when people are waiting for the elevator, and the value and dissemination of information have certain limitations.

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    Brand Neutral brand
    System Android
    Brightness 350 cd/m2
    Resolution 1920*1080(FHD)
    Interface HDMI, USB, Audio, DC12V
    Color Black/Metal
    WIFI Support
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    Product Features

    1. It is suitable for a wide range of people, suitable for different consumer groups, with high advertising exposure, and the actual effect is very obvious.

    2. It gives different experience effects to the people coming and going on the elevator, and has the actual effect of continuous communication.

    3. The natural environment is clean, tidy and quiet, and the indoor space is small and can be touched at a short distance. Compared with advertising, the advertising effect is very obvious.

    4. Compared with external influences, video advertisements played in elevators are much less, and will not be adversely affected by seasons and weather.


    Elevator entrance, inside elevator, hospital, library, coffee shop, supermarket, metro station, clothing store, convenience store, shopping mall, cinemas, gyms, resorts, clubs, foot baths, bars, beauty salons, golf courses.

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