Touch Transparent Lcd Showcase Video Player

Touch Transparent Lcd Showcase Video Player

Selling Point:

● Touch query function
● Energy saving and environmental protection
● 3D full HD display
● Flexible replacement of displayed products

  • Optional:
  • Size: 12'' /19'' /21.5'' /23.6'' /27'' /32'' /43'' /49'' /55'' /65'' /70'' /75'' /80'' /85'' /86''
  • Touch: Non-touch/ Infrared touch/ Capacitive touch
  • System: Single/ Android/ Windows
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    Basic Introduction

    Transparent LCD showcase is a high-tech product that integrates microelectronic technology, optoelectronic technology, computer technology and information processing technology. It is a technology similar to projection. The display screen is actually a carrier and plays the role of a curtain. Compared with the traditional display, it adds more interest to the product display, and brings users unprecedented visual experience and a new experience. Let the audience see the product information on the screen at the same time as the actual product. And touch and interact with information.


    Brand Neutral brand
    Screen ratio 16:9
    Brightness 300cd/m2
    Resolution 1920*1080 / 3840*2160
    Power AC100V-240V
    Interface USB/SD/HIDMI/RJ45
    WIFI Support
    Speaker Support

    Product Video

    Transparent Showcase Player2 (5)
    Transparent Showcase Player2 (3)
    Transparent Showcase Player2 (2)

    Product Features

    1. The imaging quality is improved in an all-round way. Because it does not need to use the reflection imaging principle of light to directly image, it avoids the phenomenon of image quality brightness and clarity being lost when light is reflected in imaging.
    2. Simplify the production process, improve production efficiency, and save input costs.
    3. More creative and more technological elements. It can be called a new generation of intelligent digital signage.
    4. The overall style is simple and fashionable, with elegant temperament, showing the charm of the brand.
    5. Realize the interconnection of network and multimedia technology, and release information in the form of media. At the same time, the color and transparent display of the stone technology can display physical objects, release information, and interact with the feedback information of customers in a timely manner.
    6. Open interface, can integrate a variety of applications, can count and record the playback time, playback times and playback range of multimedia content, and can realize stronger human-computer interaction functions while playing, in order to create new media, New presentations bring opportunities.
    7. Energy saving and environmental protection, its power consumption is only about one tenth of that of ordinary liquid crystal display.
    8. Using wide viewing angle technology, with full HD, wide viewing angle (up and down, left and right viewing angles reach 178 degrees) and high contrast ratio (1200:1)
    9. It can be controlled by the remote control switch to achieve free switching between transparent display and normal display
    10. Flexible content, no time limit
    11. Ordinary ambient light can be used to meet backlight requirements, reducing power consumption by 90% compared to traditional LCD reality screens, making it more environmentally friendly


    Shopping malls, museums, high-end restaurants and other luxury goods display.


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