Smart Mirror – Hot Exporter to Your Country

Smart Mirror – Hot Exporter to Your Country

Selling Point:

1.Smart touch
2.Loop playback
3.HD explosion-proof mirror
4.Convenient and quick query

  • Color: White or black color or customized
  • Size: 21.5’’,23.6’’,32’’
  • Touch: Touch Screen Or Non-touch Screen
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    Basic Introduction

    Many customers require that the supporting smart public toilet facilities include advertising promotion services and do not take up space. Then a magic mirror is a mirror that can play self-media. The smart bathroom mirror in the bathroom adopts an infrared sensing system, and the product supports remote control schemes such as optional network port, WiFi, 4G, etc., and the placement of internship advertisements is convenient for management and control. It is like an ordinary mirror, and people can see the time, weather, news, advertisement playback and other notifications displayed without affecting people looking in the mirror

    The bathroom smart mirror has a simple and elegant appearance. It adopts touch and can display the picture, air temperature and other information. It can also turn on and off the screen through human body sensing. It can publish convenient information, and can also publish advertising programs. Issue interim notices, etc. The mirror display has a stronger three-dimensional sense, bright colors, and more continuous movements, which is very suitable for brand image promotion.


    Product name

    Smart Mirror - Hot Exporter to Your Country

    Resolution 1920*1080
    Frame shape , color and logo can be customized
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI and LAN port
    Material Glass+Metal

    Product Video

    Product Features

    1. It can be wall mounted or embedded in the wall, making the screen invisible. Nano immersion silver coated mirror glass, no abnormality in use.
    2. The mirror surface is explosion-proof and anti-fog, and safe.
    3. Support selection of touch screen operation and remote control control, taking into account the user-friendly experience and cost performance.
    4. You can upload videos or create interactive programs, preparatory interaction and other functions.
    5. The promotion content can be edited in the connection software or uploaded to the sub-account management.
    6. You can view the play log online, and automatically count the number of plays and usage periods.


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