Interactive LCD Smart Mirror

Interactive LCD Smart Mirror

Selling Point:

1.Smart touch
2.Loop playback
3.HD explosion-proof mirror
4.Convenient and quick query

  • Color: White or black color or customized
  • Size: 21.5’’,23.6’’,32’’
  • Touch: Touch Screen Or Non-touch Screen
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    Basic Introduction

    Because the quality of life is getting better and better, ordinary mirrors are found to have many needs that cannot be met, and best smart mirror are naturally derived. In the current decoration, basically every family bathroom is equipped with a smart mirror. Magic mirror glass have become a popular trend, and people's lives are increasingly inseparable from smart mirrors.
    Smart mirrors not only replace the functions of ordinary mirrors, but are also more intelligent. If you have higher requirements for smart mirror glass, quickly abandon your ordinary mirrors and choose smart mirrors.Smart mirror price also very affordable.It's really good!


    Product name

    Interactive LCD Smart Mirror

    Resolution 1920*1080
    Frame shape , color and logo can be customized
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI and LAN port
    Material Glass+Metal

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    Product Features

    1. First of all, the mirror surface of the smart mirror cabinet is made of glass as the original piece, which is processed through multiple processes such as polishing, silver plating, anti-corrosion coating, waterproof and hard coating, etc. The rate reaches more than 99%, the image will be many times clearer than ordinary mirror cabinets, and any small dirt or blemish on the face will be clearly illuminated.
    2. Secondly, the mirror surface of the smart mirror cabinet can also display digital time, weather, and even news, which is equivalent to installing an iPad in the mirror. A smarter mirror cabinet can even play movies on the mirror surface.
    3. As a smart mirror cabinet, the touch screen function is naturally indispensable, and the mirror has a built-in touch screen. The mirror defogging function can be turned on with one key, and the surround light strip that comes with the mirror is also controlled by the touch pad.
    4. Finally, the smart mirror is not afraid of accidental leakage of electricity, and it is more reliable to use; the output power consumption is also smaller, more power saving, and there is no major safety hazard.


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