55” OLED Transparent Signage

 55” OLED Transparent Signage

Selling Point:

1.Smart touch
2.Loop playback
3.Intelligent Split screen
4.Convenient and quick query

  • Size: 55’’
  • Touch: Touch Screen Or Non-touch Screen
  • Color: White or black color or customized
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    Basic Introduction

    Transparent OLED features and advantages, with high contrast ratio, wide color gamut, display content can be seen in both positive and negative directions, non-luminous pixels are in a highly transparent state, and virtual reality overlay display can be realized; the structure is light and easy to install.

    Clear OLED display products suitable for office scenes can be equipped with transparent OLED touch screen screens on external windows to display an open panorama and save space occupied by TVs, monitors, etc., and the product has multiple uses such as split-screen playback, display, and entertainment. Transparent OLED displays are widely used in digital signage commercial displays, auto exhibitions, real estate, museums and other scenarios.


    Product name 55'' OLED Transparent Signage
    Display size 55 inch
    Frame shape , color and logo can be customized
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI and LAN port
    Material Glass+Metal

    Product Video

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    Product Features

    1. Showroom display.

    Transparent OLED touch screen are used in corporate exhibitions, exhibition halls, museums and other fields to deeply explore the background and meaning of exhibition objects, realize the dynamic display form of vertical deep anatomy and horizontal related expansion that are difficult to achieve by ordinary display methods, and promote the audience's visual and auditory sense. The cooperation of senses and behaviors.

    2. The automatic door has a display function.

    In addition to playing video, the automatic door with transparent OLED touch screen transparent display panel launched by SOSU will also play sound effects at the same time, which not only achieves the publicity effect, but also attracts the attention of consumers and passers-by. Under normal circumstances, this high-brightness, high-contrast OLED transparent display automatic door looks no different from ordinary glass automatic doors, but it can actually show lifelike colors, just like high-end OLED TVs.

    3. Subway window.

    The transparent OLED transparent display panel displays the subway information, such as the real-time location of the line and subway, in the subway window position. When transparent OLED is used, not only the external scenery can be seen, but also various operational information, advertisements, entertainment contents, etc. can be provided. , not only the subway. The utilization rate of high-speed rail and tourist trains is also expected to be greatly improved.

    4. Restaurant interaction.

    A transparent OLED transparent display screen is set up between the diners and the kitchen owner. Thanks to the panel's 40% transparency, diners can browse the menu or watch videos through the screen while watching the chefs prepare their dishes.

    5. Product display interaction.

    Using the characteristics of the OLED transparent screen, the screen displays the characteristics of the product, and the real scene of the product can be seen in real time through the screen. For large products, product display interaction can also be completed through OLED splicing transparent screens.


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