Digital signage display floor standing

Digital signage display floor standing

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● Split screen display
● Play video or photo
● Remote control
● Timer on/off

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  • Size: 32'', 43'', 49'', 55'', 65''
  • Touch: Non-touch or touch style
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    In the era of Internet digital advertising media, LCD advertising display have been widely used and are very popular in the media market, especially digital signage. The appearance is beautiful, simple and stylish, and the installation and placement position is flexible, which can be moved and changed at will.

    The vertical advertising display has a wide range of applications and is suitable for a variety of industries. It has strong applicability. It adopts aluminum alloy sheet metal shell and tempered glass, which has the effect of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and effectively prevents the influence of external environmental factors and human factors. High safety factor and durable.

    In addition to flexible placement and installation, the floor standing digital signage has the same height as the human eye sight. The appearance and shape can better attract the attention of consumers, attract the attention of consumers, communicate with consumers, and achieve the effect of advertising. Stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Common ones are in large shopping malls, stores, banks, etc., displaying promotional activities, providing targeted services and discounts.

    In addition to displaying advertisements, the stand floor digital also has interactive and touch query functions. It can improve humanized services according to the needs of application scenarios, add functional modules, and provide services such as touch query, QR code scanning, and receipt printing. Greatly improve the use value of the vertical advertising display.

    Basic Introduction

    Floor-standing digital signage has been widely welcomed because of its good advertising effect and its ease of movement.
    1.Plug-n-play content using USB ports or personal cloud storage account.

    2.Coupled with touch screens and well-crafted software, it can provide query navigation service for a variety of places, such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and more.

    3.Want a LCD advertising screen that you can move around? Then this free stand kiosk is your best choice. You can put it anywhere, play it with anything, and achieve any effect.


    Product name

    Digital signage display floor standing

    Resolution 1920*1080
    Response time 6ms
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI and LAN port
    Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Brightness 350 cd/m2
    Color White or black color

    Product Video

    Digital signage display floor standing2 (13)
    Digital signage display floor standing2 (12)
    Digital signage display floor standing2 (10)

    Product Features

    With the development of the city and the continuous expansion of the advertising industry market, more and more advertising machines are used around people, bringing convenience to people's life and work. Among many advertising machine products, vertical advertising machines are the most widely used It is widely used and one of the most popular advertising machines among customers. Below, the editor will briefly introduce the advantages of vertical advertising machines over other advertising machines.
    Convenient operation: The touch screen of the vertical advertising machine has a multi-touch function, which allows consumers to operate the advertising content at their fingertips, thereby stimulating consumers' desire to buy. Advertising machines can be better integrated into interactive links, including independent inquiry of products and acquisition of promotional information, and even more targeted coupon printing.

    Strong adaptability: The vertical advertising machine has a strong adaptability to the complex application environment. vertical advertising machine adopts strong aluminum alloy and tempered glass as the shell, and the integrated design of effective dustproof, also It has the characteristics of anti-artificial scratches to ensure the safe and stable use of the product.

    Easy installation: The placement of the vertical advertising machine is flexible, which is convenient for users to make timely adjustments according to market demand. Compared with the fixed application position of the wall-mounted advertising machine, most of the vertical advertising machines can be dragged and left, and the installation is more convenient. Free and flexible, it can better meet the personalized application needs of users in the retail industry. Moreover, based on the major premise of flexibility, in the rapidly rising tide of interaction, the vertical advertising machine has successfully created a rather "grounded" interaction, which has greatly improved the cost-effectiveness of use.

    1. Diversified information display
    Floor stand digital display spread a variety of media information,such as text video,sound and make the advertisement become more vivid and interesting to attract more eyes.

    2. Economic and environmental protection
    Digital poster kiosk can replace traditional newspapers,leaflets and even TV. One one side it can reduce the cost of printing,delivery cost and expensive cost of TV advertisement,one the other hand reduce the loss of multiple exchanges of repeated writing of the CF card and CD card.

    3. Wide application
    Free standing kiosk is widely used in large supermarkets,clubs,hotels,government and so on.Its advertising content can be updated rapidly and used quickly and changed at any time.

    4. Beyond the limits of time and space


    The mall, clothing store, restaurant, supermarket, elevator, hospital, public place, cinema, airport, franchise chain stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, star-rated hotels, Apartment building, villa, office building, commercial office building, model room, sales department

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