Interactive Digital Board 20 Points Touch

Interactive Digital Board 20 Points Touch

Selling Point:

1.Rich Interface Entertainment Interoperability

2.Android and win dual system

3.20 points touch, free writing

4.4k HD screen

  • Size: 55'', 65'', 75'',85'', 86'', 98'', 110''
  • Installation: Wall mounted or Movable bracket with wheels Camera,wireless projection software
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    Basic Introduction

    The touch all-in-one machine has a precise touch function, which can be automatically corrected. The touch all-in-one machine can be touched by fingers, soft pens, and other methods. This touch screen has a resistive, capacitor, infrared, and optical touch panel for correct positioning. The core of the teaching all-in-one machine is like a computer, with Android and win dual systems that can be switched in real-time (dual system version) to meet the different needs of customers. In addition, the touch all-in-one machine has high density and touch point distribution, supports multi-touch, can be used with fingers, and supports the high-power operation.


    product name Interactive Digital Board 20 Points Touch
     Touch 20 point touch
     System Dual system
    Resolution 2K/4k
    Interface USB,HDMI,VGA,RJ45
    Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Parts Pointer,touch pen

    Product Features

    1. The teaching all-in-one machine can be touched by fingers, and it can also be multi-touched

    2. When you need to input text, you can use the on-screen keyboard or handwriting keyboard that comes with the system

    3. The touch all-in-one machine also has multi-finger operations that cannot be realized by traditional keys and mice. Two-finger operation pictures can be zoomed in and out, and ten fingers can simultaneously perform touch operations such as painting.

    4. Use a laptop computer with a projector as the output device

    Application scenarios: education and training, remote meeting, academic research, medical conference, home theater, business conference, entertainment venue, other fields

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