Interactive Digital Board Dual System

Interactive Digital Board Dual System

Selling Point:

1.Wireless screen sharing and interaction

2.Strong Dual System

3.Video conferencing at your fingertips

4.4K ultra-clear picture quality

  • Size: 55'', 65'', 75'',85'', 86'', 98'', 110''
  • Installation: Wall-mounted or Movable bracket with wheels Camera, wireless projection software
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    Basic Introduction

    The digital touch screen board is a comprehensive teaching equipment that integrates multiple functions such as a computer, monitor, touch screen, audio, and camera. It can achieve high-definition, high-contrast, and high-color reproduction display effects, thereby helping the field of medical diagnosis and treatment to achieve a more realistic restoration effect.

    The digital interactive board for teaching is a high-end multimedia technology, and it is a high-end technology used in classroom teaching. It integrates text, pictures, animation, sound, and video, and presents it in the classroom in an interactive function mode, allowing students to truly Experience the joy of classroom learning and realize an efficient classroom. Overall, the digital whiteboard is a modern multimedia teaching device that can help teachers better display course content, attract students' attention, and improve classroom teaching effects.


    product name Interactive Digital Board 20 Points Touch
     Touch 20 point touch
     System Dual system
    Resolution 2K/4k
    Interface USB,HDMI,VGA,RJ45
    Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Parts Pointer,touch pen
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    electronic white board
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    Product Features

    1. Display rich and colorful courseware content, such as pictures, videos, animations, etc., to make it easier for students to understand and remember course content.

    2. The touch screen can be used for interaction, and students can directly operate on the screen, such as marking, writing, drawing, etc., which enhances students' sense of participation and interest.

    3. The digital board for classroom supports a variety of input and output devices, such as USB, HDMI and other interfaces, which is convenient for teachers and students to use various external devices.

    4. Interactive Digital Board has excellent acoustics and can play high-quality sound and music, allowing students to better experience the course content.


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