Floor stand digital LED Panel

Floor stand digital LED Panel

Selling Point:

● Rich Media Support
● Easy to install
● Information is released in real time
● Internet information can be played

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  • Size: 32'', 43'', 49'', 55'', 65''
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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    In large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, cinemas and other public places, the existence of Digital signage totem can basically be seen, and various commercial information, entertainment information, etc. can be displayed through large-screen terminals. Consumers accept. Today, I will introduce to you in detail which special industries the advertising display is also used in!

    1. Government agencies

    The background of the vertical advertising machine unified control and management of important news, policy notices, service guidelines, business matters, important announcements and other information release, which further improves the efficiency of information communication, and the deployment of vertical Digital signage totem also facilitates the business management guidance of the staff.

    2. Financial industry

    Users use the vertical double-sided advertising display system to play financial information such as benchmark interest rates, show and introduce banking business and activity notices to customers, play unified corporate culture, that is, image promotional films, etc.

    3. Medical industry

    With the help of floor standing digital signage, medical institutions can broadcast relevant information such as medicine, registration, hospitalization, etc., allowing doctors and patients to interact, providing map guidance, entertainment information and other content services. Simplifying the process of seeing a doctor is also conducive to relieving patients' anxiety.

    4. Education industry

    Safety education videos can be played in various important activity areas of the school, teaching buildings, canteens, dormitories, sports management and other places to strengthen safety education and improve safety awareness. In addition, music videos, news and videos can be played through the LCD touch all-in-one computer. Important notices on campus

    Basic Introduction

    Totem kiosk has Android system and windows system running, multi-directional support

    The design structure of digital ad board occupies a small area, and the advertising benefits are indeed doubled. Through the unique shape, it can also bring different visual impact effects to users.

    Free standing kiosk supports video, pictures, audio, web pages, live broadcasts, documents, weather, subtitles, time and other elements, and supports editing of interactive programs.


    Product name

    Floor stand digital LED Panel

    Resolution 1920*1080
    Response time 6ms
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI and LAN port
    Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Brightness 350 cd/m2
    Color White or black color

    Product Video

    Floor stand digital LED Panel2 (1)
    Floor stand digital LED Panel2 (3)
    Floor stand digital LED Panel2 (5)

    Product Features

    Floor stand digital provides industry users with an overall solution for outdoor commercial display for industry standards or customized attributes.

    Digital poster kiosk is relatively suitable for banks, entry industries, chain hotels, chain stores, etc. It can help companies or businesses to display business information and interpret brand culture.

    The broadcast method of the Floor stand digital display is very flexible, and users can use the Floor stand digital display to combine with the promotion activities of the product according to local conditions.

    Powerful playlist function. The playlist can be set for 30 days of playback content at a time, of which 128 time periods can be used for personalized playback settings every day, so that advertisers can set different charging models by time period and frequency to meet the different advertising needs of customers. It is suitable for various profit models of operators.

    Simple playlist editing tool. Playlist editing tool software, as long as you install this software on your computer, you can simply and easily edit and automatically generate playlists that control the advertising machine for perfect playback, making it easier for you to use the advertising machine.


    Shopping malls, franchise chain stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, star-rated hotels, Apartment building, villa, office building, commercial office building, model room, sales department.

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