Commercial display Digital Signage Solutions

Commercial display Digital Signage Solutions

Selling Point:

● Beautiful appearance design
● HD full viewing angle
● Low cost, wide dissemination target
● long advertising period

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  • Size: 18.5'', 21.5'', 23.6'', 27'', 32'', 43'', 55'', 65'', 70'', 75'', 82'', 85'', 86'', 98'', 100'', 110''
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    Commercial display

    With the development of times, the traditional advertising model is far from meeting the needs of the majority of businesses. Therefore, with the advancement of technology, LCD Commercial display appeared, replacing the original advertising model. What is the significance of its appearance? Well, why can it become a new media advertising model. Then I will lead you to understand it from different angles.

    From the perspective of consumers, they can choose whether to receive information and publicity, and they will not be so exclusive.

    Active browsing, more creative advertising

    In the past, traditional advertising campaigns consisted of handing out magazines, leaflets, etc. Most people refused to accept them, and even felt disgusted. This leads to a very low reach rate and poor effect of advertising promotion. The lcd advertising screen is different. It is installed in a certain place, and the vivid dynamic picture is played through the LCD screen, which attracts the passing crowd to watch actively. This method will not lead to the consumption plan, and the interesting advertising content can also be loved. achieve publicity purposes.

    Efficient and direct access to information

    Advertising is displayed on the screen of the wall digital signage, which can be seen at a glance. Just like watching TV, the advertising information can be obtained through the screen. For example, some commercial digital display with touch function can also interact with people and increase the interest of consumers.

    For merchants, advertising is more powerful and covers a wider population, which can enhance brand awareness.

    Long-lasting advertising time and low advertising update costs

    It can be continued for a long time, advertised next to the product 365 days a year, and does not require manual maintenance, that is to say, the advertisement can be played all the time, and the advertisement update is very convenient. Directly in the background of the computer, you can update and replace the advertisement at any time, and customize the editing program. Content, real-time update and real-time playback, you can set the playback time, times, and remote timing switch.

    Diversified advertising content

    The advertising machine supports playback: audio and video, animation, pictures, text, weather, etc., and can also set special topics, variety shows, etc. The rich advertising content can attract consumers' attention and make them more impressive.

    Time-saving and labor-saving, low investment cost

    A good product will be loved by the public. The wall-mounted advertising display can be controlled by a computer only through the network. It is very flexible and does not need to arrange labor to the scene, thereby reducing the expenditure of manpower and time, and it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. It will not cause environmental pollution and waste of resources.

    Special application environment

    It can be used in elevators. The environment in the elevator is quiet, the space is small, the interval is close, and the content displayed by the menu digital signage machine is exquisite and easy to interact, which can deepen the impression of the advertising content. And Commercial display in the elevator is not affected by factors such as seasons and climates, which ensures the outstanding benefits of its advertising content.

    Space Saving

    The digital signage wall saves space and can be suspended on the wall or other objects, becoming a unique beauty in the design and decoration, which is easier to attract the attention of customers and achieve the purpose of publicity. It can be hung in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-end office buildings, etc., which can enhance the brand image of businesses in an all-round way, and quickly release promotional information and new product news.

    wall digital screen not only meet the needs of shopping malls information release, but also can see accurate information needs for customers, bringing a different experience to enterprise shopping mall marketing.

    Basic Introduction

    1.As a high-tech product,wall mounted digital display can attract the active attention of consumers with its dynamic pictures and realistic colors.
    2.The wall-mounted advertising machine has extremely high reliability and stability, and can serve customers uninterrupted throughout the year.
    3.There are also many application scenarios for wall mounted digital screen, such as: shopping malls, banks, subways, airports, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, government halls, units, enterprises, high-speed rail stations and other public places.

    Commercial display


    Product name

    Commercial display Digital Signage Solutions

    Resolution 1920*1080
    Response time 6ms
    Viewing angle 178°/178°
    Interface USB,HDMI and LAN port
    Voltage AC100V-240V  50/60HZ
    Brightness 350 cd/㎡
    Color Black
    Commercial display (2)

    Product Features

    The point-to-point interaction between the wall mount advertise digit display and the audience, the advertising content can be better recognized by customers, making the advertising more accurate, and effectively providing publicity channels for businesses.

    wall mount digital can be continued for a long time, and it can be advertised next to the product 365 days a year without manual maintenance; the cost is extremely low, the audience is extremely wide, and the cost performance is extremely high.

    wall mount LCD advertise display has various sizes and configuration specifications. The screens are all made of high-quality high-definition LCD panels with a resolution of 1920x1080 high-definition, which enhances the color expression of the picture and makes the wonderful picture vivid and lifelike.

    The broadcast form of the Wall Mount Advertising Display is very flexible, and it can be combined with the marketing activities of the product according to local conditions.

    It can flexibly realize insertion, selection, skip, carousel, loop and release, stop, pause, sleep, volume control, program update, etc.


    The mall, clothing store, restaurant, cake shop, hospital, exhibition, drink shop, cinema, airport,  gyms, resorts, clubs, foot baths, bars, cafes, Internet cafes, beauty salons, golf courses, general office, business hall, shop, government, tax bureau, science center, enterprises.

    Wall Mounted Digital Screen Application

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