Since entering the era of intelligence, intelligent technology has helped the workplace, and intelligence has filled every corner of us. How to make the per-meeting preparations no longer complicated, the meeting process no longer boring, the post-meeting arrangement no longer laborious, and the meeting results no longer inefficient, the SOSU white board interactive came into being.

First, the 86-inch smart board interactive whiteboard integrates high-definition display, the function of an interactive electronic whiteboard, and a variety of touch technologies. The screen adopts high-definition LCD panel, the resolution reaches high-definition, which enhances the color expression of the picture and makes the wonderful picture vivid and lifelike. The functions of touch screen products show the highlights of ultra-light and ultra-thin, ultra-low power consumption, no thermal interference, and ultra-low radiation. It has changed the disadvantages and shortcomings of complex wiring engineering caused by traditional equipment, serious influence by ambient light, unclear display screen, shadows in writing, thermal interference and high radiation.

Second, the 86-inch touch screen smart board price is mainly used to assist teaching, showing students pictures, texts, videos, sounds, animations and other content, effectively stimulating students' various senses, so that students can fully perceive information and receive information under the guidance of teachers. , and then combined with topic discussion, use known information to solve problems, achieve knowledge transfer, and truly incorporate information into its own knowledge structure.

Third, the features of the 86-inch interactive white board : 1. Integrated joint design, easy to assemble and disassemble. 2. Small and light, it can adapt to narrow space installation, handling and assembly work requiring high precision and density. 3. There is no need to install safety fences, and it can cooperate with people, robots and the surrounding environment.

Post time: Sep-29-2022