First of all, lcd advertising screen can meet the needs of social development and conform to the current mainstream trend of shopping. The LCD screen can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen with the change of the brightness of the surrounding environment to display the best visual effect; at the same time, it has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, reducing energy consumption, reducing light pollution, energy saving and emission reduction.

For example, many outdoor lcd advertising display have the characteristics of waterproof, dust proof, explosion-proof, high and low temperature resistance, and the safety factor is continuously improved. They are used in public places to ensure safety.

In addition, lcd advertising display screen supports intelligent split screen, customized screen size, different screens can play different content materials, the screen content is richer, and the visual impact is stronger.

At the door of the store, there is an lcd advertising player to display the new products of the season. Display model clothing display videos, promotional videos, promotions, gratitude feedback, holiday discounts and other information.

In the past, consumers could see the broadcast content from a distance, attract consumers' attention, obtain effective information, and then introduce customers to the store; touch advertising machines can also be placed in the store to realize human-computer interaction.

With popular virtual fitting software, customers simply choose the clothes to try on themselves in front of the machine and on the screen bar. That’s convenient for clients. Improving a customer's shopping experience doesn't require the hard work of a shopping guide. It can also increase the good impression of customers on the store, be liked by customers, and increase sales.

Lcd advertising player is not only widely used in offline retail stores, but also widely used in buildings, elevators, banks, hospitals, government centers, scenic spots and other places, as well as outdoor media advertising, commercial plazas, scenic spots and other places, not only can be used for advertising , but also for information release, public welfare publicity, guidance, etc.

Post time: Sep-17-2022