Hotels, restaurants, canteens, etc. are everywhere you go today. It can be seen that the prospects of the catering industry are particularly good. Not only that, the development of related supporting fields is also quite good, especially the ordering kiosk terminals developed for restaurants. So which brand of kiosk ordering system is easy to use? SOSU offers you two options for ideas and orientations.

1. Considering its own regulations

When choosing a kiosk ordering system, remember your own requirements. If you want the function of the kiosk ordering system, list these functions, such as placing it in the restaurant, whether it is beautiful and suitable for the style of your store. For example, whether to support scanning code payment, POS machine payment, and then choose the brand of ordering machine you need.

2. From the perspective of efficacy. From the perspective of after-sales, etc.

When proposing to choose, see whether the kiosk ordering system is suitable for various intelligent ordering methods. Whether the payment methods are diversified, and whether the after-sales service is reliable. After the successful purchase of the SOSU food ordering machine, we have a professional team ready to provide you with peace of mind after-sales service.

After reading the above two ideas and orientations, think that everyone is clear, right? If you don't know how to choose, why not learn about the SOSU kiosk ordering system.

The SOSU kiosk ordering system has a comprehensive function. It is not only light and mobile, beautiful and elegant, but also has high-definition picture quality, which is suitable for all kinds of restaurants. Not only that, but also suitable for a series of payment methods such as We Chat payment, Ali pay payment, and face-swiping payment. It can meet various payment requirements of customers, and print receipts to customers on the spot. The more user-friendly design improves the efficiency of collection and greatly saves the waiting time of customers. It is a very good choice for you who want to use self ordering kiosk for restaurants to do business.

Post time: Aug-19-2022