Application of SOSU interactive digital board in teaching activities

With the development of science and technology, more and more intelligent products have been applied in scenarios, such as the teaching touch integrated machine, which integrates infrared touch technology, intelligent office teaching software, multimedia network communication technology, and high-definition flat panel display technology. It has many functions such as smart whiteboard, document presentation, split-screen remote conference, multi-terminal wireless transmission, network multimedia playback, etc. At the same time, SOSU interactive digital board also supports multi-point positioning and writing, real-time annotation , and other functions.

It can be seen that SOSU digital white board has become a mainstream auxiliary equipment in teaching activities by virtue of its functional advantages, and has even become an intelligent carrier that can solve teaching problems as a whole.

Of course, SOSU interactive digital board is not only suitable for the education industry, it is also used in medical, transportation, business, hotel and other fields, especially in corporate business, it can use high-definition display, remote screen projection, efficient interaction, etc. Information-based barrier-free interaction.

Regarding the SOSU interactive digital board, its touch screen mostly adopts industrial-grade high-definition liquid crystal display panels, which have the advantages of high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, and ultra-wide viewing angle range. While superior performance, low power consumption and long service life are all factors that attract consumers to buy.

SOSU digital touch screen board has many functions. In terms of touch mode, there are infrared touch types. It can meet various usage needs under the scene by virtue of its functional characteristics such as wisdom, intelligence, and interaction.

SOSU infrared touch all-in-one installation methods are also diversified, such as floor-standing, wall-mounted, etc., which means that in different installation environments, the infrared teaching touch all-in-one can ignore the installation environment to a considerable extent. all kinds of troubles!

It is worth mentioning that although the SOSU interactive digital board is well received by the market and consumers, when purchasing the SOSU interactive digital board, the majority of users must choose a formal, reliable and legal teaching all-in-one machine manufacturer. , such as SOSU, Sky-worth, Changhong, Haier, etc.

In addition, buyers also need to have a detailed understanding of the SOSU infrared touch all-in-one product, such as design and installation, application functions, after-sales service, etc., only all aspects can be satisfied, so placing an order is the most appropriate!

Post time: Aug-26-2022