Self-service payment order kiosk

Self-service payment order kiosk

Selling Point:

● Self-service ordering: Customers can choose to place orders by themselves, saving time and speed; ● Pick up meals by ticket: After ordering and payment, the receipt for picking up meals will be automatically printed; ● Back kitchen printing: docking orders from self-service ordering machines, no missing orders, and fast serving

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  • Size: 21.5",23.6", 32"
  • Touch: Touch style
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    Basic Introduction

    Self-service payment order kiosk can easily handle your business,It is widely used in restaurants and supermarkets.
    1. Reduce labor costs, improve your customer ordering efficiency, and enhance store customer experience;
    2. One-stop solution to a series of restaurant management problems such as ordering, queuing, calling, cashier, promotion and release, product management, multi-store management, and operation statistics. Convenient, simple and fast, reduce overall cost
    3. Self-service cashier: scan code for self-service support, reduce queuing time and improve cashier efficiency;
    4. Advertising large screen: graphic display, highlighting high-quality products, increasing the desire to buy, promoting products, and promoting single product sales
    5. Manual ordering will not play any role in a restaurant with a particularly large flow of people, but using an ordering machine can fully exert its good effect. Using the ordering machine, you can order food directly by touching the screen of the machine. After ordering, the system will automatically generate menu data and print it directly to the kitchen. In addition to membership card and payment, the ordering machine can also realize visa payment. Provide convenience for those customers who do not carry their membership card after their meal
    Because the ordering machine is a high-tech intelligent device, its use can make the restaurant look more upscale.
    6. Our ordering kiosk supports dual-screen design, one of which is a display screen to display all the hot-selling dishes in the restaurant, as well as the appearance and color, ingredient composition, taste type and detailed price of each dish, so that customers can see at a glance, There will be no difference between the imagination and the actual situation, so that there will be a big gap in the customer's dining mood. The other screen uses a liquid crystal infrared touch screen, customers can order food through this screen


    product name Self-service payment order kiosk
     Panel Size 23.8inch 32inchh
     Screen Touch Panel Type
    Resolution 1920*1080p
    Brightness 350cd/m²
    Aspect ratio 16:9
    Backlight LED
    Color White

    Product Video

    Self-service payment order kiosk01
    Self-service payment order kiosk02
    Self-service payment order kiosk03
    Self-service payment order kiosk04


    The mall, Supermarket, Convenience store, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Cake shop, Drugstore, Gas station, Bar, Hotel inquiry, Library, Tourist spot, Hospital.


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