1. High-definition pictures and good visual effects. Digital signage outdoors are generally placed in public places with large traffic. The commercial advertisements and public service advertisements broadcast have strong influence, and information dissemination covers a wide range, which is very important for brand promotion. The method has been favored by the majority of advertisers in recent years.

2. The advertisement spreads for a long time, supports 24-hour uninterrupted operation, and is played around the clock. The advertisement lasts for a long time, which can allow more consumers to browse, increase the coverage of the advertisement, and make the advertisement more profound.

3. The operating cost is low in the later stage. Digital signage outdoors is an electronic display device and directly displays the content on the screen. Therefore, in the content update, you only need to edit the content that needs to be published on the computer, and publish it to all terminals with one click. . The display styles of the content are also diverse, including audio and video, pictures, text, documents, web pages, as well as news, variety shows, special topics and other programs.