With the development of the advertising industry, the trend of advertising machines is getting stronger and stronger; there are all kinds of advertising machines on the market at present, and many customers do not know how to choose a vertical advertising machine or a wall-mounted advertising machine. Today we ask for The speed manufacturer will explain to you the characteristics of the wall mounted display and the floor standing display .

The floor standing display ; as the name implies, it stands on the ground; it is not large; it can be placed on any corner. Customization is unconventional and eye-catching.The floor standing kiosk are relatively suitable for banks, entry industries, chain hotels, chain stores, etc., which can help companies or enterprises to display business information and interpret brand culture.
The wall digital screen can be hung on the wall or other objects. Due to its own characteristics, it will save relative space. In actual use, the size of the wall digital signage must be larger than that of android kiosk; it is easier to capture the attention of customers and achieve the purpose of publicity

The Wall mounted display is mainly used in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-end office buildings, etc.; it can comprehensively enhance the brand image of businesses, quickly release promotional information, new product news, and deliver business information that users are concerned about at the first time.

When choosing between these two advertising machines, from the perspective of publicity effects, digital wall display opportunities are more eye-catching and attractive than vertical advertising machines, but they are much weaker in interactivity than floor stand digital. In terms of simplicity; floor standing kiosk are more convenient and flexible than digital signage wall .
All in all, when choosing an advertising display, you still have to make a decision according to your own needs and placement.

  1. The broadcasting mode is novel and diverse;

The broadcast method of the outdoor LCD advertising display is very flexible, and users can use the outdoor LCD advertising display to combine with the promotion activities of commodities according to local conditions. It can be played by means of multimedia elements such as video, image, text, graphic and text, and can be switched and controlled by the terminal software at will, and the operation is convenient. At the same time, at the bottom of the screen, the current promotional activities of the product are promoted by the method of scrolling subtitles, which can effectively shorten the distance between consumers and the product and arouse consumers’ desire to purchase.

  1. Play content layout

Concise and clear, the main purpose of the lcd advertising display is for information dissemination, and the main purpose of the business is for advertising, so it is necessary to choose the characteristics that can reflect the value of publicity. The appearance of the lcd advertising display must be refreshing, and can be integrated with the local delivery scene, and its performance can meet the actual needs of users.

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Post time: Jun-20-2022