LCD advertising display placement environment is divided into indoor and outdoor. The function types are divided into stand-alone version, network version and touch version. The placement methods are divided into vehicle-mounted, horizontal, vertical, split-screen, and wall-mounted. The use of LCD monitors to play video advertisements is especially suitable for the comprehensive multimedia technology of high-end brands to deliver a full range of product information and promotional information to consumers. Improve the display rate and display effect of products in the sales terminal, and stimulate customers to buy on impulse.



Lightweight and ultra-thin fashion design

Perfect ad playback control

Adopt wide viewing angle, high brightness LCD screen

Support CF card playback medium, the stored video files can be played in a loop

Wide range of uses, can be used in supermarkets, shop-in-shops, counters, specialty stores or on-site promotions

Automatic startup and shutdown every day, no need for manual maintenance all year round

There is a security anti-theft device on the back, which is directly fixed on the shelf

The anti-shock level is high, and human collision does not affect normal playback

Product category:

Classified by performance: stand-alone LCD advertising screen, online LCD advertising player, touch screen advertising display, Bluetooth advertising display.

Classification by application: indoor advertising display, outdoor highlight advertising display, vehicle advertising display.

Classification by display mode: horizontal LCD advertising display, vertical LCD advertising display, split-screen LCD advertising display, wall-mounted LCD advertising display, synthetic-mirror advertising display.

Advertising advantages:

Accurate audience targeting: target audiences who are about to buy.

Strong anti-interference: When consumers enter the supermarket to buy products, their attention is on the shelves. At present, there is only one form of advertising, which is promoted in the form of multimedia next to the products.

Novel form: it is the most fashionable and novel form of advertising in shopping malls at present.

No modification fee: any previous advertising form, including print, has a fee to modify the content

Effectively cooperate with TV advertising: 1% of TV advertising costs, 100% of TV advertising effects. It can be consistent with the content of TV advertisements, and continue to remind consumers to buy in the important link of the sales terminal.

Long advertising period: It can be continued for a long time, and it can be advertised next to the product 365 days a year without manual maintenance; the cost is extremely low, the audience is extremely wide, and the cost performance is extremely high.

Application areas:

Hotels, commercial office buildings, elevator entrances, elevator rooms, exhibition sites, entertainment and leisure venues.

Metro station, railway station, airport.

In taxis, bus tour buses, trains, subways, planes.

Shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, promotion counters and other occasions.

LCD advertising display has now become an essential advertising supplies for businesses!

Post time: Jun-23-2022